I recently joined slimming world but have decided to not continue it, can i just stop going?

Basically i just joined slimming world, but have decided that it will be too much money and too much hassle with getting food in etc. I want to stop going but wondered if i will be charged or can i just not show up?

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7 Responses to “I recently joined slimming world but have decided to not continue it, can i just stop going?”

  1. Sal*UK said:

    Nope – you can quit whenever you want.

    And go back whenever you want too!

  2. miss_ninety_ukuk said:

    i tried slimming world before i did weight watchers and found it a nightmare , only being able to eat certain things on certain days ended up costing a fortune .U just stop going , but if u can i would suggest weight watchers my shopping bill is actually less than it was when i wasnt dieting also i eat the ssame as my fiance he just has bigger portions as he doesnt need to diet

  3. DEBORAH M said:

    i have done the slimming world diet for 1 year now. i dont find it hard or expensive,i just make the same food for all the family. dont give up, try a while loger. it is easy when you get into it.
    but yes you can just stop going.

  4. miss p said:

    No, you don’t have to stay a member. You don’t pay back fee’s or any thing, but the consultant might enquire why you have not been going.

  5. K B said:

    You can just stop. Might be a good idea to let the group leader know though, otherwise they will probably call you at home to see if you’re okay. They’re meant to anyway.

  6. bopeoz said:

    i used to go to slimming world also….and like you could not afford it….and yes i just stopped going and have not been charged for not attending

  7. mylifegoda said:


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