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I am switching from a low carb diet to a low fat diet diet. Do you think I will gain weight?

I have been on a low carb diet for seven months and I’ve lost 25 lbs. I have pleateued at the same weight for about 3 months. I want to try and exercise more but I find I have no energy to run as much as I used to before low carb. I also miss fruits and whole grains, such as cereal, and I need more fiber in my diet (its very hard to use the bathroom on low carb if you know what I mean). I know I lost weight on low carb and I’m scared to death if I switch back I will regain. I’m just so confused! And if I do add carbs back should I still limit them? Like only at breafkast and lunch? Someone who is nowledgeable please help!! Thanks so much.

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7 Responses to “I am switching from a low carb diet to a low fat diet diet. Do you think I will gain weight?”

  1. angel01 said :

    you should really limit your carb intake at night. Heavy foods at night are not good. still eat your carbs and enjoy low fat. just remember low fat doesn’t always mean its healthier for you.

  2. trixiekins said :

    No. I have done that and lost weight. I think it may jumpstart your metabolism and it may work in your favor. Good luck!

  3. Bubs said :

    if you integrate more carbs back into your diet…you will have the extra energy to work out…so balance it that way…eat some more carbs…and burn them off with a little exercise 🙂

  4. Freddon said :

    Anything can make you gain weight. At least you’ll be able to exercise more often after the switch, which may offset what you gain (note that muscle development = weight gain). Plus, with a healthier diet and exercise, you’ll be a fitter, happier person altogether!

  5. chrisssy1966 said :

    read the book — eat right for your blood type — from kevin trudeau. this will help you understand a lot of things

  6. wheeliebin said :

    You can burn off fats, but you cannot burn off carbs, so have a good think before you start! See your doctor first!

  7. DeeRaye said :

    you may regain some-slowly eat the carbs you like-do not make a drastic change to the intake of your carbs or yes you may “balloon” up. Yes you should still limit them (eating them earlier in the day gives you more time to burn them off) You dont have to “switch” diets…just modify. try and eat foods that are low fat and still low carb. the more you worry about it the more stressed you become, making it hard to lose weight as well. eat healthy and exercise and you should be ok! congrats on the weight loss!


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