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How to still lose weight with sprained ankle?

I have had a vicious cycle for a year now that started with a bad sprain. I’ll be on a weight loss and excercise plan, then resprain the ankle somehow, then get discouraged since I can’t work out and fall off track all together. It just happened again, as soon as I recovered from the last sprain and I actually ran for the first time since the last sprain the day that I reinjured it. How can I still lose weight while I recover from the sprain?

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2 Responses to “How to still lose weight with sprained ankle?”

  1. Mr.M said :

    just do a basic exercise, you can do with sitting or maybe sleeping

    support with diet pill with antioxidant , you can try acai berry as a supported pills

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  2. Gracefullyeating S said :

    You can try Crevax. It is a herbal supplement. Doesn’t require exercise or diet plan. Just like you, I can’t work out because I’m busy with my work. I’ve been using it for almost a month, it give good results.


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