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How to loose weight and muscle quickly?

I’m 14 and have put on some weight since sport season is over, I’ve started going to Zumba, yoga, step, and pilates classes recently. I am pear shaped so I am slim and flat chested upper body although I have cellulite legs, although I have a fair bit of muscle under that, which makes me appear a whole lot chunkier.
What can I do?
More classes? Or other stuff
I am Also quite short (5″3′) and I would like a feminie figure

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3 Responses to “How to loose weight and muscle quickly?”

  1. Martha K said :

    Dear I suggest you to see

    I hope that helps you too as it helped me. Check the multiple links over there. they’ll surely be a help, Keep using

  2. james said :

    two ways , three months will lose 100 pounds hehe

    eating less food + running on the ground 800 steps do this every day

  3. shiva kanth said :

    zumba, yoga ……these classes are very superior in reducing the fats and in maintaining the body’s structure. in addition to this you have to reduce the calories in your diet by taking low calorie diet, i.e. the food with low fat and and low carbs. these may be helpful in solving in your problem. if you are interested, there are some solutions and creams available that are helpful in reducing the sub cutaneous ca go for them.


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