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how do i loose weight in a safe, yet somewhat quickly way?

i’m almost 15 and pretty fat. i’ve done exercise and eating well for the whole summer and a but longer and still doing it, i went to camp even to help, or get a ‘kickstart’. i’ve lost almost 30 pounds. and i still need/want to loose more, and fast because school just started and well yeah. so please, HELP!!

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3 Responses to “how do i loose weight in a safe, yet somewhat quickly way?”

  1. superwoman_0818 said :

    Well lets start off by you somewhat contradict yourself by saying you want to lose weight safe but quick. Look at how long it took you to put on the weight. The weight doesn’t come on just overnight. Now, me myself I have been struggling with weight my whole life. I’m now in my twenties, and I am on the Weight Watchers program. Since you’re young, you may not have the patience for Weight Watchers. It DOES work! It’s just that you lose 1-3lbs per week which may be too slow for you. So on the other side, just try working out alot more, drinking alot more water, and taking in less calories. That will give you guaranteed weight loss. Good Luck!

  2. tphilbro said :

    Wow, Danielle, you’ve done very well to lose the 30 over summer, so first congratulations and great work!

    I recommend you keep up your momentum. I am not sure how much more you want to lose, but remember the calories in, calories out formula, and that 3500 calories = 1 pound of fat.

    Key points:
    avoid hidden carbs, and high sugar foods
    drink a lot of water daily
    keep your calories lower but high enough not to go into starvation
    eat plenty of snacks from fruits and veggies every day to keep hunger down
    eat enough protien, mostly from lean meat like fish, chicken, pork, and lean beef.

    continue to exercise a few times a week.

    You’ve done really well, be proud.

  3. ineedyoutopencilintherest said :

    jogg for 45 minutes every second day, do 30 sit ups everyday,
    have yougurt and cereal everday for breakfast. no chocolate no junk, only drink water green tea and milk.

    in 1 month you will lose 10-12 pounds=), which is a safe way of weight loss


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