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How to become fit and muscular faster without any workout materials, simply at home?

i really want to be fit and muscular. but the thing is that i don’t have any dumbell or barbell. What should i do. Especially on the abs and biceps and triceps
where we usually find protein shake?

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10 Responses to “How to become fit and muscular faster without any workout materials, simply at home?”

  1. Matilda said :

    Best way to build muscle is with protein protein protein. Keep ur intake of protien in meat or protein shakes hight. Also do weights or push of luck

  2. mxbrown said :

    the good old push-up and sit-up till you drop routine. works for every military man in the world, why not you?
    there are several ways to vary the work outs, but really they are all the same, do them till you drop and GET BUFF!

  3. NFSRacer said :

    move things around, or you can pay a little bit of money and get Bowflex. I wish i had bowflex. I would have big muscles, i already am pretty damn strong.

  4. iwuzherbest said :

    Next time your out check out a couple of fitness magazines and they can probably give you alot of ideas of exercise that can be done at home with things you already own.You can do sit-ups and push-ups on the floor. You can do squats using a chair. You can use books or something that’s in your home to take the place of the weights.There are things you can do with a broom. Weights don’t cost that much you can go to kmart or walmart and they sale the individual weights 5 or 10 lbs for cheap.

  5. Anshu said :

    Try push ups and pull ups ,this will give full work out for the upper body,crunches with your feet closed and bent,and jogging while remaining on the same place.Cut the amount of carbohydrates and take milk,cheese,meat and drink lots of water.You can also try yoga,its complex but gives the best results

  6. ninth0rb said :

    depends on how you look now. if you want abs i am assumming they dont show which means you have some covering. you need to loose body fat to see i say jog or do some type of cardio. work up to an hour a day. and dont eat crap food such as refined sugar and flours. also if you are under 21 you may still have some filling out to do. i weighed about 168 til i was 22 then i bulked to 200 pretty easily. as for bis. you must have something that resembles a barbell. if not. sacks of somthing like sand or rocks. kinda get the image? stand and hold the sacks and pump out 4 sets of 10. that means you do it 10 times rest, 10 times rest. now you need to be failing on the last 1 or 2. if you are easliy doing 10 in a row you need more weight. work up to a total of 16 sets of 10 one a week. how about pull ups or dips? a dip is where you are up on a device or surface with your hands suporting you on boths sides with your feet hanging. then you lower yourself down and back up. again. work to 16 sets of 10. i cant say much more without know more about your current condition.

  7. ssvv33 said :

    May be you can try an online personal trainer like

    It’s amazing how you can try professionally at home without any complicated equipment.


  8. Mary said :

    Check this site for a creative full body lifting workout with no weights required!

  9. thepaladin38 said :

    Purchase a book called Combat Conditioning at It is filled with bodyweight exercises you can do anywhere.

  10. jhoravi said :

    The book “You are your own Gym” by Mark Lauren will answer everything you asked


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