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How do I become more muscular without losing weight?

I am around 5′ 4″ and weigh around 104 lbs. I want to become more muscular without losing weight. I am happy with my body but want more strength?

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11 Responses to “How do I become more muscular without losing weight?”

  1. huey m said :

    all you gotta do is lift wights but continue to run make sure u stretch alot b4 and after

    i used this site and it deff helped me out and it could do u the same

  2. greg u said :

    drink protein shakes and work out about 4 times a week i did it for 3 mounths an gained 20 pound of muscles don stop cuz then u will loose it like me

  3. yo...waz up......nothin......... said :

    hmmmm. thats a tough one. well, you dont really lose weight if you work out and eat helthy. but, if you work out alot. for long peroids of time and eat less, then that can result in weight loss and mucle gain. if you dont want to lose weight, eat a bit more then you usually do to compancate for the weight loss.

  4. wolfx316x said :

    well im 5’4 and was 120lbs at one time….im 150lbs now…but it depends on your age…if your 15 or under then wait till your 16 or 17 or if over 16 take protein (WPI)and BCAA’s and alot of water, next lift some weights to work the muscles and increase strength.

  5. SteveP said :

    drink protein shake powders
    eat potatoes
    push up 20times * 3times/day
    sleep 8 hrs
    masturbate only 2 /week

  6. SBP said :

    Dear one, It requires a simple but a regular approach towards am exercise pattern. A special site for you to guide is below.

  7. nessie.nick said :

    if yu are skinny and yu work out yu will gain muscle weight not alot but a little

  8. grinder_6851 said :

    OK sit ups push up knee crunches…and a diet of weight control products ….GNC is a good source……to build muscle requires a lot of energy and our bodies store fat as energy….the more you burn off the stronger you get the less you weight in fat…….good lock

  9. Max said :

    weight training with low reps and more weight. 3 sets of five reps is good for just about all exercises. start with low weight and try to add about 5 to 10 pounds per week.

  10. AJ said :

    Drink protein suppliments, eat plenty of protein, get a juicer, make carrot juices, apples, oranges… Go to the gym min 3 times a week, if you cant do that then do some home work outs…. Easier to have some dumbbells at home and just wack in a few sets etc.. push ups is another great way.. anything you can do or use to build strength!

    Good Luck:)

  11. powermanjosh said :

    if you lose weight from lifting weights then there is nothing you can do about it maybe your to fat but don’t worry about it just work out and you will gain weight but weight doesn’t matter that much


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