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How much Muscle in pounds can you build with bodyweight exercises?

I want a rough estimate to how many pounds of muscle can I build with just bodyweight exercises if you are weak to start off with them. I am overweight and I’m planning on building some muscle and losing fat from bodyweight exercises.Will I be able to get abs and a defined, muscular body just by doing bodyweight exercises?When I say defined, muscular body, I’m thinking maybe 25% of the muscle Arnold Schwarzenegger had when he was bodybuilding.

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3 Responses to “How much Muscle in pounds can you build with bodyweight exercises?”

  1. kelvin S said :

    Talk to a weight trainer about your question. Hope my answer was helpful?

  2. Ask Me Anything! said :

    hi there, well to tell u the truth muscle is muscle and fat is fat. muscle weighs more than fat, so if u want to weight less building muscle might not be something u want. builders can gain around 200 pounds of muscle, its not a joke muscle is heavy.. i can gain 80 pounds in 5 months of workingout. so goodluck to you!

  3. Raven R said :

    Do you plan on doing any cardiovascular work along with the exercises? you can lose the body-fat and uncover the muscle you already have. You can also tone up the muscles you already have by conditioning exercises like push-ups, pull-ups, lunges, crunches etc.
    The average male can naturally only put on 12-15 lbs of lean muscle in a years time. Without strength training with resistance, I’d say you could tone up your existing muscle and probably put on a few (5-7) pounds of additional muscle in a year. Doing the cardio to burn the fat is the most important thing you can do to shed the fat. In fact you would have to do it in order to accomplish your goal. Eating healthy is key as well. I like to recommend the 40-30-30 plan. 40% carbs, 30 % Protein, and 30% fat. Except for dinner, I then suggest only a lean meat and green veggies (low carbs). Don’t need them at night, you want your body to burn fat then. My clients saw great results with this. Good Luck Hope this helps.

    and ASK ME ANYTHING…… where did you get your info, cuz you’re way off base pal!


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