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What is a healthy way to lose 30 pounds?

I weigh 140 pounds, and I stand at about 5’7. My body is 76 percent muscle, 20 percent fat, and about 4 percent water. I need to know a healthy way to lose 30 pounds in about 3 months without it costing over 20 dollars. Is it possible? If so, please post.
Thank you so much Alex! That sounds really good, and I will most definetly try it.

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11 Responses to “What is a healthy way to lose 30 pounds?”

  1. Alex B said :

    here’s what you’re gonna do on the treadmill 3x a week (spread out). it’s called HiiT (high intensity inverval training). the workout is only 20 minutes long, but it will boost your metabolism to burn 9x more than an hour on the tread mill. so what you do is walk for one minute, then run for one, then walk, run, walk, run, etc. for one minute each until you get to 20. HOWEVER, it’s not that easy because during the run, you should really be pushing yourself to the point that you don’t think you’ll be able to take it anymore. you many have to play witht he speed to see where you are. and eventually the run speed will get higher and higher as you get in better shape. pick another two days a week to do either a regualr paced jog or go ride a bike around. or even go for a few mile walk outside. you’re gonna want to rest on your days off from HiiT cuz it’s intense.

    as far as diet, NO MORE sugars, chips, sodas (unless it’s a diet soda) fattening foods, fried foods, or any junk food, period!!! eat lean meats like chicken breast and fish or egg whites even. eat your carbs for breakfast in the form of oat meal or cream of wheat. you can have some carbs at lunch too, but not much and none for dinner. lunch should either be a healthy sandwhich or a little bit of brown rice and chicken or fish. dinner chicken or fish and veggies. if you’re hungry in between meals and want a snack, have an egg white or two. seriously, learn how to portion your meals. pay attention here: eat until you are no longer hungry–NOT until you’re full. you’ll learn the difference if you pay close attention.

    what a healthy sandwhich is considered to be is something like this (it’s what i eat) turkey on wheat with just lettuce, tomato and very light on may or none at all. you can add pickles and stuff, but i just personally don’t like them. but don’t go adding cheese or anything like that.

    you do that and you’ll probably drop that weight in a healthy way in that time–10 lbs a month or so.

  2. LIL' Lilly said :

    alex b has the answer

  3. kaitoboado said :

    Diet and exersize.

  4. Katy C said :

    I think if your reduce your caloric intake to less than 1200 per day, you will eventually lose weight.

  5. Nichole R said :

    Just exercise, it honestly works. Try running, and use weights, but remember muscle does weigh more then fat.

  6. Bob teh Bodybuilder said :

    jeeeesus thats a long answer…..

    clean up your diet, do hiit 2/3 times a week

  7. Rach... said :

    exercise! and alex b has the perfect answer for you

  8. Sai2301 said :

    limit your meal portion sizes and brisk walk 2 hrs may do at least 40 minutes in the morning and another 40 minutes later part of the day…

  9. [email protected] said :

    Jogging (free as long as you have gym shoes) and getting some light dumbells for toning exercises-

    Don’t forget if you have a library card you can check out exercise videos for free and they have plenty of books to keep you motivated

  10. Mike J said :

    ur body isnt 4% water! its like 96% ud be dead if it was 4%

  11. JimmyQ said :

    You have to come up with some type of a reward system, this will help keep you motivated. One of the best things to do is make a contingency contract. Stating what you want to do, who will help you do it, and what do you get for doing it.

    Then also try to find a well balance diet program. My friend did this one diet program where the average weight lose is 7 pounds in 9 days. It might be the thing you are looking for, I know it’s well balanced. If you want e-mail me and I can tell you more about either of these.


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