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What weight should i lift to build muscle and how much should i do it?

I’m 14.I now have a weight set up to 40 pounds. I want to build some muscle what weight would be the best for building muscle and how many reps should i do?

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5 Responses to “What weight should i lift to build muscle and how much should i do it?”

  1. No Name Guy said :

    Oh Jeeezz…..

    First Off, There is no Golden Weight that builds muscle. You need to do the right amount of weight that you can struggle with but still complete the rep with good form.

    Second, If you just starting out.. I would 3 sets of 10 reps for each exercise. Buy a Muscle and Fitness magazine and read… Also check out they have great beginner programs.

  2. r1pperke.bert said :

    the right weight for building muscle is when you can do more than 8 reps when lifting slow (2s up and 2s down) but less than 15
    the weight depends on the exersise that you are doing
    i’m your age now and i suggest you doing
    12 reps -20s rest- 12 reps -20s rest – 12 reps
    don’t exersise more than 3-4 times a weak or you will overtrain
    an example workout u could do (the one i do atm ) :

    3*12 dumbell curls (heavy weight)
    3*12 crunches for abs
    3*12 dumbell flies
    3*12 dumbell rows (+- 34lbs )
    3*12 french dumbell press
    3*8 pullups
    3*12 bycicles for abs
    3*10 raising wheigts for shoulders

    do them slow !

  3. Tj said :

    What up champ. If you want to be a future athlete/bodybuilder then I can give you some help.

    Have a buddy with you to spot you in case you can’t lift the weight. You will need to see what weight is so hard that you can only do one rep (one lift). Then get a calculator, and multiply .65x(The one rep/lift weight). Example 40lbsx.65 = 26 lbs. With this you could start with 2-3 sets of 8-10 reps/lifts with 25lbs. You will want to add a little weight every week, and you’ll notice your muscles getting bigger. Eventually if you stick to it, 40lbs will be cake for you. At that point you can ask your parents for more weights. Make sure to eat enough chicken/fish/steak to build those muscles up. Good luck!


    In response to Dogdacious. The myth of low weight, high rep = cut has been debunked long ago. That was the old school way of thinking. It technically does work, just because you’re doing so many reps that it’s basically a cardio workout. However a pure cardio workout would be much better in terms of results for getting cut/ripped. Muscles can do ONE of TWO things. Get bigger, or get smaller. There is no special “toning” lift type. You just cardio to burn the fat that hides your muscles. However you are correct on gauging yourself based on how experienced you are with lifting. From my experience training others, between the 1-3 set range is good for newbies. Listen to your body, and gauge it off of that.

  4. Dogdacious said :

    It actually depends on how long you have been working out and what you can comfortably work with.
    When I was in the military the rule of thumb was this:

    heavy weight+low reps=bulk

    light weight+ high reps=cut/definition

    For example:

    Method One

    If you decide to work out with a weight which may feel a little heavy your repetition and sets will be low. i.e. arm curls, 15lbs. of weight. you may only be able to do 5 curls at a time. Those 5 curls will be considered “a set” so you will have lifted a total of 75lbs in one set. But, each curl is considered a “rep”(repetition). Hence, 3 sets of 5 would be a total of 15 reps, and total weight would be calculated as:

    15lbs.x5reps x 3sets for a total of 225lbs. OR 15lbs. x 5reps=75lbs.x3 sets=225lbs
    This method will give you bulk and beef.

    Method Two:

    If 5lbs. is light to you, then you may be able to do 15 curls at a time. Then your “One Set” would consist of 15 reps(repetitions), and if you can do three sets of these it would be calculated as :

    5lbs. x 15reps=75lbs x 3sets=225lbs. or 5lbs. x 15reps x 3sets=225lbs.

    This method will give you cut and definition.

    So, it isn’t so much in how “MUCH” weight you work with, but, “HOW” you work with it!
    If you had an identical twin, who ate the same as you and worked out with the same amount of pounds as you, but he chose “Method One” and you chose “Method Two”; Than the both of you would have two different types of body styles.

    The method you choose depends on what you want to do or be in life. If you want to maintain your speed and flexibility, you may not want to bulk up. However, if you want the body that will slow others in being quick to mess with you than you would want to sacrifice speed for security.

    In any case, stay dedicated and natural to yourself. Stay away from steroids they will shorten the length of the manhood in your pants, as well, cause irreversible damage to your health. (I am not kidding!)

  5. Nate said :

    Be careful when trying to bodybuilding at such a young age. Your bones are weaker as they are still growing and haven’t yet fully hardened. The constant stress can put too much strain on young muscles, tendons and areas of cartilage that haven’t yet turned to bone (growth plates) — especially when proper technique is sacrificed in favor of lifting larger amounts of weight.


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