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What are some good workouts to build muscle overall?

What are some good workouts to build overall body muscle, i don’t have much time on my hands to to train each individual part, so i need something that will work for multiple parts of my body.

All i own is a dumbell and barbell set. Any other effective tips to build overall muscle would be much appreciated thanks.

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3 Responses to “What are some good workouts to build muscle overall?”

  1. - said :

    Large compound lifts would be great for you.

    Squats, deadlifts, power cleans, bench press, presses

  2. Isometric-Man said :

    For those — like you (and me) — who don’t have (or don’t want to spend) a lot of time on exercise, yet want to build muscle, isometric exercises could be the answer. Isometrics focus on that one all-important point of the exercise — that point where the muscle is at its strongest. You then tense up the muscle or muscle group to the point of muscle exhaustion. This normally takes only several seconds. Then hold that tension for another 10 seconds. This gives the muscle a better workout than weights, is very time-efficient, and is safer than weights. And the total time is extremely short. I do my whole workout in 10-15 minutes! If this sounds good to you, too, then contact me through my profile. I have links to articles about this on my blog.

  3. Lauren said :

    Check out the Ultimate Body Press dip bar. No weights involved, you simply use your own body weight to build upper body strength. I love this dip bar, because of the fact you don’t have to worry about switching out weights and it’s so versatile in terms of all the muscle you can work and strengthen and the different routines to experiment with.

    What’s also great is that it is so portable and easy to store. I personally love working out in the confines of my own home, so I really enjoy this piece of fitness equipment. My husband and I both enjoy the workouts with this dip bar.

    Hope this helps!


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