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How many health insurance policies written in USA in 2007 or 2006?

We understand that 49 million plus Americans do not have health insurance. There is individual and there is family insurance. Therefore, if 300 million Americans and 50 do not have health insurance then 250 million do. Were 250 million policies written?

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One Response to “How many health insurance policies written in USA in 2007 or 2006?”

  1. mbrcatz17 said :

    Well, your numbers are off. About 42 million PEOPLE here in the US have no health insurance, and about HALF of them aren’t Americans. So you’re looking at about 21,000,000 Americans. HALF of them are uninsured by choice. They don’t WANT the health insurance.

    No, there aren’t 250 million policies written. The vast, vast majority of Americans are covered by group health plans. My husband’s employer has ONE policy, which covers over 3,000 employees, AND THEIR FAMILIES. Maybe, 15,000 people total.

    No one collects the number of policies there are in force. It’s too vast a project, and every day, the number changes.


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