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How do you loss tummy fat?

my wedding is in three months and i have worked very hard to loss 30 pounds so far, but for the life of me i can’t get rid of the tummy.. I have dont millions of crunches and side binds, and at this rate god know what, but I will not move.. Please if any one can help I would be so greatful.. Thanks a bunch

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4 Responses to “How do you loss tummy fat?”

  1. ny said :

    an excellent exercise, you can do it in front of your TV: sit on a
    stool, and put your toes under something (piece of heavy furniture, for example). In your hands hold a little dumbbell. Please, make sure that it is not very heavy, start with one kilo, for example, or you will damage your back and spine!
    Slowly move the upper part of your body back, until it’s parallel with the ground. Stop for a second and move it back to the sitting position. Repeat ten times.
    Every week add to the number of repetitions.
    You will see the results in a week, guaranteed! You will see or feel under the fat – if you have any – six pack and muscles. Dumbbells do wonders. Much better than these crunches – I came up to three hundreds and there was no results AT ALL. With the dumbbells you will see it in a week.

  2. Samson T said :

    do tons of cardio…..crutches give u amazing abs under a layer of fat. u need to get rid of the fat by doing cardio. theres not such thing as spot reduction….do u think someone can have amazing abs but flabby arms? it doenst happen….the body distrubutes the fat and in females it happens to be in the thighs and tummy…so u jsut gotta do cardio and burn it off

  3. Andrew b said :

    to acheive a flat toned sexy stomach quick an easy try doing the exercises described here good luck:)

  4. wemon said :

    Weight loss programs such as Weight Watchers (and Jenny Craig) usually involve slower dieting progress over a longer period of time, since such programs generally promise only 2-3 pounds of weight loss per week. Also, programs such as Jenny Craig usually involve buying special meals and/or dietary supplements during the initial phases of the program. While some people may like these types of dietary programs, we prefer a dieting plan which focuses on faster weight loss, such as the Accelerated Fat Burning Program shown below…< >< loss >


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