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How do you lose fat on your hips?

I want a safe way losing fat on my hips.I don’t any meal program or pills.I need to know quickest ways to lose fat on my hips by exercising.Please give me the quickest fat burning exercising.Thanks

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5 Responses to “How do you lose fat on your hips?”

  1. Ghost said :


  2. Vincent said :

    You don’t get to choose where you will lose fat. That idea is called spot reduction and it’s a myth. Your body decides where to pull fat from. Lose weight, and you will lose fat from all parts of your body.

    To lose fat:
    1. DON’T BELIEVE THOSE FAD DIETS! DIET PILLS ARE GIMMICKS! Yes, Acai berries/pills/juice is a fad diet.
    2. DO NOT STARVE YOURSELF! Unless you are tiny as it is, a 1,200 calorie a day diet is DANGEROUS and won’t work in the long run.
    3. Find the ammount of calories you need to eat per day to maintain your weight. Try this link:
    4. Eat healthy and eat about 500 calories below that number. Eating too little will result in loss of water weight and muscle mass, not fat (what you actually want to lose).
    5. Eat 5-6 small meals a day. This keeps your metabolism up. Each meal should include fruits, veggies, water, and protein. Oatmeal is great for breakfast.
    5. Drink at least 64oz (8 8oz glasses) of water a day. No soda (that includes diet soda). A great FAQ for proper diet (and general fitness):
    6. Do light/moderate cardio 3 to 5 times a week for 30 to 45 minutes each time. Running, bicycling, and swimming are great for this. If you are obese, do low impact stuff like walking or swimming.
    7. Do some strength training to make sure you lose fat and not muscle. Don’t worry; you won’t look like the hulk if you lift weights.
    8. You should lose about 1-2lbs (.45-.9kg) per week. If you lose more than that, chances are the rest is stool, water weight, or even muscle mass.
    Be patient and be smart. If you follow this guideline you will be very happy with your results. Good luck!

  3. Malana R said :

    The best way that I found, was to jog and or high intense aerobic exercise. Stay away from bread, rice and sugar. This works for me.

  4. wonderwoman said :

    Put on shorts get a tennis or small ball like those baby basket balls that won’t slip. Put your hands on the wall flat and standing straight cup the ball behind your knees tightly and do side leg lifts try ten at a time till you can do more each side you can also do this laying on you side and do back leg pushes to with the ball same method to firm that booty! girl! lol

    Rock out to some Britney Spears her music is great for exercises!


  5. Eduardo said :

    Exercise 3-4 days a week, include weight training and especially cardio (walking especially running). A good exercise for your hips would be squatting. You can find more hip exercises on this website:


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