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How do I lose the fat specifically in my thighs and hips?

I’m looking for specific exercises to target those parts of the body that are affective in trimming down those areas in particular. Namely, I’m looking to trim down my thighs and the width of my hips (love handles, anyone?). This is my goal for the summer.

Any exercises, or even diet tips if you have them, are appreciated!

(And please do not recommend any medicines or “lose weight fast!” programs to me. I’d rather tackle this problem myself.)

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6 Responses to “How do I lose the fat specifically in my thighs and hips?”

  1. mary k said :

    Denise Austin has been called “America’s favorite fitness expert” and is the star of Lifetime Television’s ‘The Daily Workout’ as well as ‘Fit & Lite’ — television’s No. 1 exercise program. Check out her fitness workshops – to find useful tips you can implement into your daily routine, to get the healthy lifestyle you deserve!
    She has great advice for getting fit in “female fatzones” like hips, buttocks, and stomach:

  2. sanu k said :

    you should get a thigh toner its a lil excercising equipment that you can buy for less then a tenner its really good and also a gym boll there very good and you can buy them cheaply

  3. Robert R said :

    Unfortunately you can not spot reduce a certain part of your body, however if you are looking to tighten up your body. Then first check with a doctor to ensure that you are healthy to exercise and diet. The hardest part of losing weight is having the proper mindset. To lose fat you may want to stick to cardio..I.E. Stepmill, Walking, Jogging, Sports, Bicycling, etc. If you want to tone then Yoga, Pilates, Machine Weights. Also, cut down on your carbohydrate intake, if you do start working out then it would be more beneficial to work out in the morning on an empty stomach you can burn more fat. Depending on the route you take, try lifting first as this causes your body to be in a carbohydrate depeleted state, after lifting do some cardio and this will burn fat more effectively.

  4. abfabmom1 said :

    The honest truth is that it is physiologically impossible to lose fat in one part of your body. To lose fat, you have to exercise your whole body, and lose fat everywhere. It might come off your thighs more quickly than it comes off your stomach, but that’s just how your body stores things…Just working your legs won’t make your legs thinner.

    The best way to burn fat is through aerobic activity. Walking, jogging, Jazzercise are all aerobic activities…You might even enjoy a water aerobics class, as it will get you into the pool in the heat of summer.

    The other critical item is to be sure you’re burning more calories than you’re taking in. Watch what you’re eating, and work out, and you’ll lose weight, most of which should come from fat.

  5. upatrail said :

    you can not spot reduce body fat. You have to reduce total body fat percentage by combining diet, cardio, and a full body strength training routine I split my strength training into 2 sessions every week. I will recommend check it out. Good routines. spicific instructions on how to perform every exercise, a food bank, and great form support…..all for free!!!

  6. S. W. said :

    Get a heart rate monitor and do aerobic exercise. There is a certain range your heart rate has to be in to burn fat, and it’s actually a LOWER heart rate than most people exercise at.

    If you have access to gym equipment, the stationery bikes and ski machines are good for the lower body. If not, fast walking or slow jogging will probably get your heart rate into the right range. It’s important to monitor your heart rate because working out too hard is not as effective at burning fat, and it’s usually so unenjoyable you won’t want to repeat it on a regular basis.

    To see good results you should work out at least 30-45 minutes 3 to 4 times a week.

    There are charts online that can tell you the target heart rate for fat burning for your age group.


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