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What exercisers will lose fat near the hips?

What can I do to lose fat on my thighs , butt ? I have a lot of excess fat..

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2 Responses to “What exercisers will lose fat near the hips?”

  1. shiftexistence said:

    Cardio, aerobics, squats, lunges!

  2. laaudan said:

    It’s impossible to lose weight from one spot/area. What needs to happen is a general decrease in body fat. A healthy diet, where you eat 5 smaller meals a day is one of the best options b/c it keeps your metabolism up. Often people try to lose the weight thru exercise alone, but don’t alter their diet. That’s difficult and not entirely effective. But exercise is a super important factor. Cardio is a major key to weight loss. Do what you like and can stick to. In general a workout, such as kickboxing, will burn more calories than running on a treadmill, b/c you recruit many more muscles. At the same time, if you enjoy running, it will be more effective long term. While cardio will boost your metabolism for a short period, building muscle thru weight training will keep your metabolism up all the time. Muscle burns a ton of energy (thus calories) in order to maintain itself. So, as you can see, a combination of factors will give you the best results. Hope this helps!


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