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How do you eat healthy without spending so much money?

For the price of one container of strawberries I could buy ten cups of instant noodles which would last me much longer than the strawberries. But the strawberries are healthier. What a conundrum.

I’m trying to eat healthy on a budget here. Any tips?

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10 Responses to “How do you eat healthy without spending so much money?”

  1. Kidd KaOs said :

    just dont eat buy crack instead youll be skinny in no time

  2. Richard F said :

    Yeah I kno what u mean, sometime is much cheaper to just eat unhealhty. But you have to look at portion sizes. Don’t over buy and think you will go through it all. start off with small amounts, eat it and then go for more last time. the think with fruit n veggies is we often buy them in the supermarket thinking we will eat it but then goes off before we do. Check out for some good weight loss ideas.

  3. Eddy B said :

    really eating healthy isnt hard, its real easy, all you got to remember is calories arent all bad, just the calorie from fat, watch out for those, if u wanna get veggies in your diet get v8 and a good multivitamin, i use mens sport, but there are alot in GNC go check that out, if your trying to lose weight and eat healthy, the multivitamin is the way to go

  4. Sai2301 said :

    buy cheaper fruits and veggies…

  5. tb2008 said :

    well you need to decide what really mean when you say ” eating health” obvioously the roman noodles and not tha t health for they don’t have any nutirents your body needs, but fruit give your body a lot of vitmains that are going to help you a lot more in the end. If it is a money issue, try cutting things out that you know are not helathy. I don’t know if soda or candy etc is on your list at all but cutting that out would leave you a bigger chucnk on money to get what you need.
    Try off brand items, and use cupons. for fruit go to farmers makrets.

  6. ZeroGurl said :

    Buy frozen so they last longer. Join Costco or Sams Club and buy in bulk.

  7. toledotim419 said :

    I thought eating healthy was costly to, But if you think about it it cost the same as eating non healthy junk foods. If your not spending money on sodas, pizzas, tv dinners,cookies, precooked dinners ,ceral, fast food.And you buy veggies,fruits,nuts and seeds and salmon, tuna and less meat more chicken. You spend around the same amount for me i am saving money . The most important thing for your health is free Water and it fills you up.

  8. wtf_katie_101 said :

    grow your own fruits and veggies…..

  9. timothy c said :

    i think it is just easy only…each day having breakfast with bread and 350ml milk.and lunch time one soup and two vegetable with one small piece of chicken.dinear can be the same the same time you must do execise so that you wont get fat.but everyday same food la…

  10. lv_consultant said :

    frozen fruits and veggies can be very economical. also local farmers markets are a good place to buy produce, etc. check the local dollar store, etc. many of them sell produce.


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