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How can I eat healthy without spending a lot of money?

It seems like the healthier foods in the store are more expensive. When you have a small budget, but you need enough groceries for the whole week, how do you choose healthy foods without spending too much? And what kinds of healthy foods are somewhat inexpensive?

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6 Responses to “How can I eat healthy without spending a lot of money?”

  1. taebogirllinda said :

    fruits, i buy steam fresh veggies in the bag for about a dollar a pack. lean chicken boneless skinless breasts. tuna ,low sugar cereals. all of these are affordable.

  2. Kagome said :

    Veggies: Always buy whats in season. if you buy something that isn’t in season, the prices are going to be way up there. Sometimes stores will have sales on vegetables (10lbs for $10 or something to that extent) which is a good deal considering most vegetables are usually $1.50/lb.

    Chicken: Look for the sales. Don’t buy boneless, because it costs more to have the bone removed.

    Fish: Tilapia is a cheap fish, but is very tasty.

  3. chuckiechief said :

    I too have found that the grocery stores prices are getting more and more expensive. We have started going to the smaller Vegetable and Fruit stores (Henry’s Market for one) as well as the Farmer’s Market. A lot of cities have these once a week, usually during lunch. The fruits and vegetables from these stores are usually straight from the grower and are a lot cheaper. The savings is passed on to the consumer. Good luck, hope this helps.

  4. A Healthier You said :

    The healthiest diet is one made up of food that is “close to the ground”.

    Avoid all processed foods.
    Stay away from white flour, refined sugar, vegetable oil, hydrogenated fats.

    Eat fruits, vegetables, hormone-free meat, hormone-free dairy.

    Organic is more expensive, but is crucial to getting foods that are not contaminated with pesticides, poisons, hormones, and a way you can ensure you are not buying genetically-modified foods.

    Good luck! Your body will thank you, and you will be moving towards optimal health. Good for you!!

  5. Aulex said :

    Fruits and veggies, buy them when they are in season. The quality is better during these times as well. You can go to your local market for cheaper ones. You don’t have to necessarily go to a grocery to buy healthier foods. I cannot recommend what exactly you can buy because it depends where you are living.

  6. Aleph Null said :

    It’s amazing that more people don’t see this obvious fact. However your question is a very good and valid one that deserves a forthright answer.

    We live on a planet that grows stuff by synthesizing fruit and vegetables directly from water, minerals and sunlight.

    It just so happens that those plants have evolved along side our own evolution to sustain us perfectly.

    All you have to do is buy (or pick) fresh fruit and vegetables that are in season.

    All natural food comes in its own wrapper, it is easy to eat and requires no cooking. Not only that, but stuff that grows costs much less than stuff we have to feed, kill, process and repackage.

    One common misconception is the western world is that we need copious amounts of protein everyday. If you look at world statistics, you will quickly discover that those who eat less protein are healthier and live longer. (Okinawans for instance)

    Sun and rain makes the good stuff grow.
    It renews itself or with seeds we sow.
    Its easy, delicious and fun to eat.
    Be healthy and happy with far less meat.


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