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How do i loose weight quickly??

I have 21 days b4 scool starts and i want to lose a little weight b4. prob 20ish.
im on weight watchers too. wats evrybodys view on it. i heard it wrks and heard it doesnt.
since 20 lbs in 21 days is practically impossible, how much weight can i lose in a month??

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20 Responses to “How do i loose weight quickly??”

  1. silenceispurple said :

    exercise, eat fruits and veggies not junk

  2. kdewayne1991 said :

    that means you need to EXERCISE and split your meals up into smaller meals that may help you lose a FEW POUNDS

  3. [email protected] said :

    you didnt gain the weight, in 21 one days why do you want to lose it in 21 days. just eat what you like but cut it in half.

  4. brown eyed girl said :

    don’t go on a diet. that won’t help. just eat a little healthier and get alot of excersise

  5. Donald K said :

    stop eating excessively (if you do) and excercise 🙂

  6. sassyco! said :

    I have the same problem

    Do a cardio workout everyday.
    Then be on a diet..
    No sugars.
    Just water, chicken, fruit, and vegetables.
    Brown rice, and lean meat, like turkey !
    Stay away from anything with sugar.

    I’ve lost 16 pounds just by eating that !

  7. Hazzael said :

    i have 17 but anyways what i’m doing isnt the safest but not very dangourous but go buy a sweat suit and run or bike for 1 hour or 2 and you will be good but drink water when you get back and if you feel sick stop. i lost 13 pounds in 2 day:)

  8. THE LOST CITY said :

    don’t eat 2 much

  9. takeoutthetrash said :

    excercise and eat healthy– eat a fair amount tho so u dont lower ur metabolism. its not really possible to loose that much weight so fast and its more important to b healthy!!!!

  10. Fiona H said :

    well my mum wants to lose wait and she stared going out long walks and it is helping her and she is losing wait very quickly

  11. Thie W. said :

    Try not to eat junk food. Drink only water, and if you can try not eating meat. Meat makes you crave sugary things, so it will help with that too. Excersise everyday for at least thirty minutes or even an hour. you can even try a liquid diet, or just soft foods which would include things like applesauce, baby food, soup, puddings, and even jellos. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Also there is the green bean diet, where you add green beans to whatever you are eating because they will fill you more. But only do that until school starts, you don’t want to just eat like that for too long.

  12. Mark O said :

    Move more. Eat Less.

  13. Future-n-Fashion said :

    go to the gym and drink alot of water.go jogging in the morning and don’t eat alot of carbs.

  14. Annalise said :

    Sorry to say there is no quick weight lose in 21 days that is HEALTHY. You can lose water weight but if you really want to lose weight, tone muscle and keep it off you must eat fruits, veggies and lean portions of meat and/or fish. EXERCISE!!!! Its the ONLY way to burn off the calories! Good Luck!

  15. charlie said :

    There’s only one way to lose weight and keep it down, changing your life style. This means eating the right way, exercise and feel happy with your new life. Quick and fast diets work only for a few weeks, since you’ll be doing everything you did to achieve to be over weighted.
    Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, lots of water, no sugar and fried foods, and lots of exercise as walking and/or even better, running.
    Thank you and good luck.

  16. hi said :

    you probably wont lose the 20 pounds. that means youd lose a pound a day. do you know how much youd have to do in order to lose that much weight??? try for 12 pounds.

  17. Pr-BABy said :

    What everyone else said is great but don’t do the same thing everyday.. your going to get bored and loose track of it. you should switch it up every week. Don’t just eat the same bowl or cereal every meal.. Have a sandwich then a salad then have some protein. I want to loose weight to and i did last summer when i was going back into school and i lost 12 pounds.

    I have also done weight watchers and its GREAT.
    my mom is on it too and she had lost almost 30 pounds.

  18. cwhyteisbomb said :

    Losing weight is a process, and it takes time to loose a significant amount of weight. loosing 20 Lbs in 21 days is simply unrealistic, shoot for loosing between 1.5-3 Lbs a week and consistently work out. 3 times a week is the minimum, but it doesn’t hurt to work out every day as long as you stretch and not overdo it. Having said that little intro, here are some things I do to loose weight. I know it works because I used to weigh 215 and now I weigh 190.

    EAT RIGHT. skip the snack foods and eat vegetables and fruits. Don’t eat fast food (obvious one), don’t drink soda either. Eat 3 meals a day consisting of all the basic food groups; this is important because you have to eat if you plan to loose weight. You can’t just not eat: that is unhealthy. Drink a lot of water too, that is good for you.

    EXERCISE 3-5 TIMES A WEEK. Go for a three mile run, Swim laps, play a game of tennis, play basketball, kick a soccer ball around, lift weights. Anything to make your heart rate increase. I like to swim a 1700 swim everyday and lift weights for 30 minutes every day. Making goals doesn’t hurt either. Train to do a 10 mile fun-run in 5 weeks time or a mini triathalon in a few months. Having a goal is helpful because it gives you something to shoot for.

    Eating right and exercising 3-5 times a week is the best way to loose weight and be healthy. After a couple of months of working hard, don’t forget to go to the mall and pick out a new outfit. That always inspires me to keep up the good work ; )

  19. mike n said :

    You can try the meat diet.This is a real diet i’ve tried myself and is used by body builders to get ride of fat quick before a compatition.All you have to do is eat meat.Pork chops, chicken,steak, fish,baccon,any meat product but absolutly no veggies or potatoes or carbs like bread.Just meat meat and more meat.No sugar in any form,in anything,just meat.How it works is the body burns up carbs first,then protien then lastly fat.You get ride of the carbs and the body goes strait to the protien.When there is not enuff protien to burn for fuel the body will hit the fat reserves in your body and the weight just peals off.I lost 27lbs in 1 month eating nothing but meat.There is a warning tho,you cant do the diet for more then one month because its hard on the body.Also when you come off the diet and you eat carbs you ballon up like a blow fish so you have to go on a low carb diet when you come off it.Also,your mental alertness will suffer a bit.My buddy was on the diet and he forgot how to spell his own name once.When I was on it I couldnt remember how to spell the word “The”,lol.It can make you a little angry at times for some reason too,and the cravings for something sweet can be high at times.But if you eat nothing but meat for an entier month you’ll lose 20 lbs easy or more if you combine it with execise like I did.Good luck!

  20. said :

    Breakfast: Yogurt.
    Lunch: Salad.
    Dinner: Chicken with veg.
    Snacks: Fruit.

    Only drink water and run for 30 minutes a day. With this you will lose the weight quickly but heathily.

    Hope i could help ♥


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