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How do i loose weight fast without starving myself?

I don’t think that I fat. But i don’t think that i am small. How should i loose weight fast WITHOUT starving myself? Please help me! Thanks

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5 Responses to “How do i loose weight fast without starving myself?”

  1. Kim Jong-il said :

    Eat three Big Macs everyday. Oh wait……. no…… that’s if you want to be fat.

  2. Bird said :

    um, well starving yourself and running 3 miles a day will provide very fast results. you could eat 5-6 small meals a day, but you’ll lose it twice as slowly.

  3. Sean L said :

    Depends on how much weight you want to lose. But really there is no way to lose an extreme amount of weight quickly and that is healthy for you.
    A good diet and exercise program, focusing on lean and whole foods, lots of cardio and high rep/low weight exercises will benefit you the most for losing weight while toning muscle.

  4. Carl said :

    6 small meals a day. Lower your caloric intake by 500..try to cut out lots of carbs. This is the healthiest way to do it. Starving yourself can actually make you hold on to fat (in fact it will). Exercise will speed up your fat loss dramatically too. Try to fit in some weight lifting if you can. Muscle pushes out fat.

  5. kayla said :

    im fifteen and i weight 96 pounds. im spose to weight 120. but me being 96 pound i want to loose more weight but how can i loose wheight and still eat food. cause i do need to eat but what eles should i do?


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