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How can i loose weight fast without starving myself?

Im like 12 years old and am only 5’2 and i way like 135. my friends say i dont look fat but now that summer and im going into 7th grad, jr.high, im going to have a loth of pool partys and i dont want to look fat. All my friends are little twigs, i want to loose weight and fast but i dont want to starve myself. How can i loose like 25lbs. in 2 months???

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11 Responses to “How can i loose weight fast without starving myself?”

  1. guyster said:

    You shouldn’t starve yourself. Not only is it unhealthy but makes it difficult to lose weight. It puts your body in energy-conservation mode (lowers your metabolism) and can make it even harder to lose weight.

    I recommend nutrient-rich foods, so you can get the nutrients you need without excess calories. Eggs, meat, veggies, nuts, etc. Most people consume way too much junk food.

  2. falt5506 said:

    exercise, drink lots of water, eat only when you’re hungry and stop when you’re full, eat smaller meals more frequently, and stay away from fatty foods as much as possible.

  3. Lexa La Ballerina said:

    I run 5 miles every morning, it’s like my drug– I crave working out!

  4. said:

    Read the book “Eat this, not that,” by David Zinczenko.

  5. getchoo8199 said:

    There is no way to loose weight fast. Just watch what you eat, and try to stay away from regular pop and sugar drinks. Drink Diet drinks. Drink lots of water. Also exercise. You will be fine. You are not over weight. Best of luck and enjoy summer.

  6. njlrose said:

    hit the crunches, and grab some weights. Also eat 6 tiny meals instead of 3 large ones.

  7. advice please said:

    Whatever you do, do NOT starve yourself. When your body isn’t recieving food, it produces “back-up fat” for you to live off of, which just makes you fatter. What you need to do is watch what you eat. Eat healthier food, and make a habit of it. You also have to exercise; ya know, go on a bike ride or a walk.

    But since you’re only twelve, don’t get too involved in dieting. Keep your self-esteem up and don’t let anyone judge you. :]

  8. DannysGirl said:

    25 lbs in 2 months isnt healthy and being that light at your age and height probably isnt the grestest idea either. just eat right and exercise. exercise is the key. run .jump rope. do yard work in the summer. you shouldnt be so worried at your age.just go have fun. i mean, geez, you dont even know how to spell weigh. you have the rest of your life to worry about gettin fat and wrinkles and stuff.

  9. Timmy T said:

    omg first eat slowly without watching tv and chew food 20 times each bite this causes you to eat smaller portions also when you are hungry eat…not because your bored but because you are hungry. now also dont eat after 6:oo i swear to you in about 1 month youll loose 10 lbs or more depending if you exercise as well

  10. PandaGirl said:

    When i was at ur age the same things were happening with me, the summer before middle school started my hips seem to pop out of my body and my tummy came in and my boobs pop out more, so by the start of the school year i looked great. this is a perfect time to eat right and not stress yourself with it so your body can focus on forming. keeping low stress is the best thing i promise!

  11. CandyLaLa said:

    exercise a lot or throw up


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