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How do I loose 17 pounds quickly!!!?

Okay so I’m 5’3 117 pounds and 14 years old. Now don’t tell to not loose weight. Okay so I go on vacation in about a month. And I wanna loose 17 pounds. On weekdays I walk around 30 minutes and I get a little bit of walking at lunch time in school. What else can I do to loose weight?

My bmr is around 1300 to 1400 calories. And then I muliplied it to 1.375 since I’m lightly active. So I should be eating around 1800 calories.

What else can I do to loose weight fast.

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4 Responses to “How do I loose 17 pounds quickly!!!?”

  1. The Trainer said :

    The Fat X diet and workout program would be your best option. The workout and diet videos are free at …

  2. Figure_22 said :

    Don’t just count your calories, make sure you are eating LEAN proteins like chicken breast, white fish, turkey breast, 4% lean ground beef or bottom/top round steak. Keep your veggies full of fiber like spinach, green beans, asparagus, broccoli, and cauliflower. For carbs stick with oatmeal, rice cakes, ezekial bread and keep these LOW. I add a lot of seasonings and taco sauce or Franks Red Hot sauce to my meat to make it more appetizing. Also walking for 30min at a slow pace isn’t going to do much. Try Sprinting a small length and go back to walking, then sprint, then walk again, keep this up for the full 30 min. Sprinting for at least 30 sec and only resting about 2min. Stay away from saturated fats and starchy foods.

  3. RandyLT09 said :

    I’ve been using products by Isagenix for about a month now and have already lost 16 lbs. They replace 2 meals per day with nutritional shakes along with some exercise and other things. Its a great program and it works! Send me a note if you would like more info just drop me a note.
    Good Luck

  4. scott b said :

    If you cut your fat intake to 20 grams a day,eat small meals I.e Brkfst:non-fat yogurt,piece of fruit, between lunch snack,i.e. granola bar or piece of fruit,lunch,1/2 sandwich carrot/celery sticks or a salad with low/nonfat dressing, midday snack piece of or a serving of fruit, dinner 4-6 oz portion of lean meat,fish ,chicken brst,green veggie and a salad.combine that with drinking water and boost your exercise to an hour a day along with walking this will speed up your metabolism which will increase your calorie burning. If you are really committed you will cut out all sugar items(ice cream,chocolate,etc.) You can lose between 4-6 lbs. a week.Though the safe range is between 1-3 lbs per week. Stay away from diet supplements there are new things being discovered every day about the harmful effects of taking them.People forget that it took us time to put the weight on and with that being said there is no healthy “wonder drug” or “short cut” to losing the weight other than hard work, determination,and the willingness to change ones eating habits.To conclude losing weight doesn’t take “going on a diet” it takes making lifestyle changes and sticking to them.If one quits the “diet” they are on will you not gain the weight you worked so hard to lose in the first place? Answer yes and in most cases you even gain weight. Hope this helps


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