how to loose 5 pounds quickly?

i go to the gym at least 3 times a week and burn at least 600 calories each time. i eat pretty healthy and don’t eat a lot of junk and im not loosing the weight. any suggestions?

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  1. Alicia said:

    eat different things everyday and not just eat a salad for weeks

  2. Merrbearr <3 said:

    5 pounds? easy.
    eat jus lunch.
    not dinner or bfast.
    no snack foods!

  3. Sandy said:


  4. Robin said:

    take it easy carrie. 90% of women only want to lose five pounds, but it’s easy to take it too far. Just do what you’re doing, and you’ll lose it gradually.

  5. shakira <3 said:

    eat fruit, veggies, and meat thats high in protein and low in fat, like chicken breast. and completely cut out sugary drinks and sodas and just drink pure water. i hoped i helped (:

  6. XmcnamarX said:

    take a laxitive
    in health class the other day we talked about how the human body constantly has 10 pounds of fecal matter in it always
    so in wrestling we took a small dose of laxatives and ate canyon rim gronola bars

  7. Bux - Type 2 Diabetic (NIDDM) said:

    Find out your basil metabolic rate. Then eat only that amount of food for 1 week.

    If necessary, eat 250 less calories per day – that alone can drop you 2 pounds a week.

    Starvation diets usually don’t work.

    Try eating 250 calories less per day, and hit the gym every day.

    Avoid all salt – it causes water retention.

  8. J.U.M.P said:

    stick to eating the same thing(same breakfast, lunch…) and at the same time for at least one week
    stop counting how much calories you burn
    do at least 20 jumping jacks every morning and cardio at least every other day (bike, run, hike, etc.), for 30min. to an hour.

  9. Ally said:

    don’t eat after 6:00

  10. Mary said:

    here are some tips:
    *eating out, right when you order ask for a take-out box and box half of your meal. restaurants always give you proportions too big.
    *stay away from sugary drinks like soda or fruit drinks like cool-aide or things like that(one good substitute is green tea!)
    *get more sleep!! obviously you aren’t eating while your sleeping!
    *drink at least 8 glasses of ice water each day
    *instead of 3 meals a day, eat 6 small meals.
    *whatever you are eating, have good proportions.
    *walk for an hour five days a week, and even better, take 2-pound dumb bells with you.
    *give yourself one cheat day out of your diet, so you don’t have constant cravings
    *write down what you eat daily. after a week, look at what you need to fix and have less and more of.
    *plan your meals, so you don’t make last minute decisions to eat at fast food places.
    *most of all, be confident and positive that you will reach your goal
    good luck! hope this helps.

  11. Richard said:

    There are three real ways to take off unwanted weight: diet, exercise, and supplements. These three things can be done individually, or with each other for even better results.

    Modifying your diet consists of replacing your unhealthy meals with healthier, but just as delicious foods. Depending on your activity level and intended fitness goal, you’ll need a certain amount of protein and carbohydrates, but the main thing you want to eliminate is unwanted fats. Try to eat fresh vegetables, fish, meats, chicken, any other things that are healthier then burgers and fries.

    For exercise, this is really going to depend on your fitness goal. If you’re just trying to lose fat, a regular daily cardiovascular workout will be the best. This could be running, riding a bike, sports such as basketball, or many other activities. If you’re trying to gain muscle, you’ll want to spend 3-4 days a week working on specific muscle sets via weights.

    Supplements are also an important and effective way to get in shape. I’m not talking about things like steroids, but instead *natural*, healthy supplements. There are many different types out there, and they can be great if you don’t have the willpower to extremely modify your diet or spend a lot of time working out.

    The article below goes into more detail about all three of these methods. Good luck!


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