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How to quickly loose 20 pounds?!?!?

Ok i am not asking about the healthy way to loose weight in about 3 weeks nor do I want to hear that I should starve myself.

I need to loose 20 pounds in the next month. mostly off my mid section and thighs ( I just had a baby).

I do light excersise 3 days a week.
Jewelle- what does my weight loss have to do with my ability as a parent??

It is my Job to have a slim apperance so do not pass judgment!

Once again- Heather T. First of all I have ample time to take care of my child as well as take care of my body. I have no clue what goes on in your house hold, but if your husband/Boyfriend cant look after the kids for an hour and a half throughout the day then mabey you should think of who really has the problem…

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15 Responses to “How to quickly loose 20 pounds?!?!?”

  1. Sambergini said :

    starve yourself bitch

  2. Lace said :

    Vomit profusely

  3. Jewelle said :

    So you don’t care about living a healthy lifestyle, but you just brought an impressionable child into the world? Not smart. What kind of role model do you think you’re going to be for your child?

    There is no healthy way to lose 20 pounds in a month, and there is no way to target weight loss from specific areas (unless you get lipo).

  4. cutekitten said :

    Bump up your work outs to 60minutes/day six days/week & start lifting weights of like 5-10lbs 3/4days per week. The most you could probably lose in a week is 5-10lbs-but of course not recommended. Drink lots of water too & bulk up on your fruits/veggies & fiber/protien. Good luck!

  5. deepak57 said :

    Consult a doctor. If no other problem run do jogging for 10 minutes.

  6. irenekanderson said :

    Eat more protein and consume fewer calories. Write how many calories you eat each day in a journal until you hit your goal. Do a little more exercise, too.

    BUT, please don’t expect to lose 20 pounds in one month. That’s really a little too hard on yourself. I’ll bet if you lose 10, you’ll still be happy.

  7. Nicole account suspended :( said :

    Try cutting sugars out of your diet as much as possible, no sugar in your coffee/tea, nothing that tastes sweet.
    I dropped 10-15 pounds doing that really quickly. bE careful if you are breastfeeding thought because dropping too much weight too quickly can negatively affect your breast milk. The fat in our bodies has toxins and stuff in it which can get into your milk in large quantities if you loose too much weight at one time.

  8. Sorrell W said :

    to lose 20 pounds quickly and safely takes a great deal of dedication.

    interval training is a great way to boost your metabolism (slow repetition interspersed with fast hard exercise).
    Drink plenty of water, cut out caffeine, bread and other bad carbs, including sugars.
    Eat raw and plain foods with plenty of colour.
    i found that the Ian Marber Diet Doctor week detox was fantastic. I lost 7lbs in a week. however, due to the low amount of calorie intake I don’t advise exercising with this at it will make you feel woozy and lightheaded.


    p.s also try and for some help and inspiration

  9. Lindsey said :

    Obviously you should do it the healthy way but….

    When I try to lose a lot of weight a once I bump up the exercise to probably 5 days a week, still light since you just had a baby..
    You can do a juice fast and just make sure you drink a variety and keep your self full and energized.
    Also low sodium chicken broth (or beef) has barely any calories and makes you feel full. AVOID simple carbs!! Make sure to take your vitamins!! other than that I don’t know

    p.s. this is obviously not what you SHOULD do, you just had a baby you should be focusing on your health 🙂 Just telling you what I’ve done in the past that worked.

  10. Heather T said :

    Firstly, light exercise is not going to help you lose the weight. To lose that much weight in a month you’d have to rev it up to at least 2 workouts a day for 50-90min each. Which as a new mom you obviously don’t have time for.

    How about instead of worrying about losing the weight, worry about your baby! Take your baby out for a walk, exercise with your baby in a mommy and me class.

    But honestly this sounds really selfish right now.

  11. Cody said :

    Its not healthy to lose that much weight in a month but if you don’t mind…
    30 minute of cardio (running, jump roping, etc.) in the morning with an empty stomach (burns 300% more fat in the morning) 30 minute of cardio in the afternoon and 15 minutes around night time. Through 20 minutes of muscular workouts (pushups, weightlifting, etc.) somewhere in the day. Stretch before working out. Rest one day so the body can rest.

    Eat LESS than 1200 calories a day and NO junk food at all and stuff with lots of sugars and fats. STick with vegetables and fruits.

    But you should really be focusing on the baby and exercise long term in a healthy way but its what you want to do…
    good luck

  12. Ostrich said :

    Here are my ten top tips to tip the scales your way:










  13. Diana said :

    My sister did it by drinking Herbalife stuff she only lost like 4 pounds the first week but she eventually started losing more after her baby, i dont know thats how she did it..

  14. Thinker said :

    There are more tips and info.
    How to lose weight naturally has been in debate for years.

    Some say low carb. Some say high carb. Some say it’s how much food. Some say it’s how much exercise. But none of these covers the whole picture.

    How to lose weight naturally is not rocket science. It just takes accepting the facts of these seven natural laws of weight loss, plus good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness.

    Seven Laws of How to Lose Weight Naturally

    1. Make a commitment to whatever it takes.
    2. Start from a foundation of happiness.
    3. Design your own healthy diet plan.
    4. Manage your emotions.
    5. Find a way to exercise daily.
    6. Keep a Journal.
    7. Be persistent.

  15. Respond P said :

    I found this on this website. There are more tips and info.

    1. If what you are eating has less than 1 carb, count it as 1 carb just to be sure.

    2. Totally avoid caffine at least for the first two weeks on the program.

    3. Drink a MINIMUM of 8 glasses of plain water or seltzer daily.

    4. Don’t weigh yourself more than once a week

    5. Take starting measurements as well as weight – sometimes you’ll lose inches before pounds

    6. Avoid any type of “low carb” sweetener for the first two weeks

    7. Don’t compare your loss to someone else’s – this is a YMMV thing (your milage may vary)

    8. Stalls are common around the third week so don’t panic

    9. If you follow your plan to the T and don’t lose, consider Candida as a possibility and avoid vinegar, cheese, mushrooms and any other fermented food

    10. Have bloodwork done before starting so you have a comparison

    11. Cholesterol can be elevated in the first few weeks til your body adjusts – make sure your doctor knows that you’re doing low carb and when you started

    12. Don’t blame the diet if you don’t read your plan book — blame the diet if you don’t read the labels — Don’t blame the diet if you don’t follow the diet


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