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How do I help my parakeet to make sure her egg is healthy?

i have a parakeet that laid an egg like 4 days ago. i know the egg takes 3 weeks to hatch, but i would like to make sure it stays healthy and safe. **please no mean or rude answers or i will report.

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3 Responses to “How do I help my parakeet to make sure her egg is healthy?”

  1. Charles D. M. said :

    Due to the lack of enough information I try this approach. Pellets, water and cuttle bone 24/7. A male that fertilized the eggs that should have been laid in a nest box that has a nest built in it by them from materials you gave. Take good care of the parents and let them care for the eggs and young.

  2. jock said :

    Hi there you can get special food for the bird at a good pet shop this will also help when it is feeding the chick.main thing is to keep the room warm where the nest is. to keep even temp, for egg

    Keep checking egg near the hatching time and when you see it hatching keep checking regular, if it is taking too long to hatch then gently widen the hole the chick made to release it. Jock

  3. Veronica Alicia said :

    If the atmosphere is very dry where the birds are housed, an occasional light spray of the egg with lukewarm water can be beneficial.


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