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How do i go about gaining muscle weight?

Im 21,and im 102 pounds Im also only 5 ft,but i want to gaine at least a little bit of muscle weight.Just a little not too much.So what i have been doing this hole week has been drinking some drinks that contain 15 grams of protein,eating..chicken,and other healthy food high in this Good?.Should i continue?.What else do i need to include in my foods?.I have been lifting a little 5 pound dumb bells,and doing squats with them to.Will that help with gaining some muscle weight?.I really want to tone things Up A bit more.what are the steps?..
What other excersizes do i need to do?.I want a nice upper back to.Thanx:)

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4 Responses to “How do i go about gaining muscle weight?”

  1. lillaces105 said :

    You have to eat healthy food, then weight train. You could do cardio, but not too much because then your just going to stay lean, but not gain muscle.

  2. wutsup? said :

    Keep eating what you are eating, but seriously if you want to gain muscles weight you really need to up those dumbbells. 5 pounds isn’t going to do much.

  3. lazlikeair said :

    First of all, you won’t get “too big” if you’re a woman, unless you’re taking something (ie, steroids). Testosterone is responsible for the freaky bodybuilder look, and women don’t have enough of it to build that kind of bulk. I promise you. So no worries about that.

    Second, toss the little dumbbells and get yourself something heavier. A gazillion reps with 5 lbs takes way too much time and won’t give the results you want anyway. Why not just do 10 reps with 20 lbs? You’re done lots faster, and it will actually change the look of your body. Also, do your exercises to failure. Meaning, do enough reps with a decent amount of weight until you literally can’t do another rep. And do strength training every other day. Give your muscles a day to rest and begin repair.

  4. Kevin Richardson said :

    Your diet sounds pretty good. I would increase your intake of whey protein and consider mixing it with casein protein. I use a 2-1 ratio of whey to casein. That way I get a quick release of amino acids followed by a timed release. Make sure that your getting alot of carbs in your diet. Resistance training taxes your energy stores, so make sure that you are eating well.

    In order to really build muscle from lifting, you will need MUCH heavier weights than 5 pounders. Those would adequatly work your rotator muscles for about 3 weeks. Muscles only grow when they are stressed. They don’t grow any other way (except for steroids). Exercise equipment can be very expensive, so a gym membership is probably the best way to go.

    Periodize your workouts so that muscle groups don’t overlap eachother. What I mean by this is on Monday you perform hyperextensions (a lower back exercise), and on Tuesday you work your legs. This would cause your erector spinae mucles (lower back) to be worked 2x within a 7 day period. The only time you would work muscles within that period is when the muscle that is overlapped is a small muscle (such as the biceps and triceps on Monday, and working the back [lats, rhomboids, traps, etc] on Wednesday). Smaller muscles take less time to heal. Also, they aren’t hit quite as hard on the compound exercises that you would perform on Wednesday. It would be considered a “light” day and they wouldn’t be stressed to any significant degree.

    Don’t forget cardio. What good is muscle if there is fat covering it up? Perform 30 min of cardio post weight training. Doesn’t really matter what kind of equipment you use as long as your heart rate stays within 109 and 129.

    Good luck. Email me if you have other questions.


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