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How can I reduce my fat intake while on a low carb diet?

My doctor recently put me on a low carb diabetic diet. I am not a diabetic – yet. I have a very high insulin resistance in which he wants to treat with diet and exercise and diabetic meds. I have been charting everything I eat, the calories, the fat grams, the carbs, fiber and protein. However, since my carbs have decreased, it seems that my fat intake has increased – at least it seems that way in the pie chart. Is it possible to reduce the fat AND carbs? The doc wants me under 35 carbs a day which is extremely hard to do as it is. It seems like the lower fat foods have a higher carb content and the higher fat foods have a lower carb content. I am concerned about my blood lipids, blood pressure and overall heart health. I would greatly appreciate any tips or advice you may have to offer.

Oh, the reason I am so insulin resistant is due to the PCOS that I was diagnosed with a year ago. It’s sypmtoms have started to take over my body very quickly and has deemed me infertile, unless I can drop and control my insulin levels ASAP.

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5 Responses to “How can I reduce my fat intake while on a low carb diet?”

  1. jasonmakowski said :

    Well you can reduce your carbs and fat by concentrating on lean meats (no breading) like chicken, lean turkey and such. If you stick to green vegetables during the week, you’ll hit that 35 C g mark by far. But there are secret…hit me up if u want to learn them…

  2. Plumeria said :

    stick to lean pieces of meat like chicken breast and fish, preferrably grilled or baked. pair it with veggies, they don’t have very many carbs. season your food with herbs or flavored vinegar rather than fats like butter or salad dressing. this website is really helpful in looking up the nutritional content of practically any kind of food.

    have you heard of the south beach diet? my cousin follows it because her family has a history of diabetes. she doesn’t want to get it either. i don’t know too much about it, but here are a couple of websites

    and some recipes

  3. A Canadian said :

    I too have PCOS, insulin resistance and glucose intolerance. I followed the atkins plan and in 12 months lost 125 pounds, came off all meds and my cycle has been normal ever since. My triglycerides and cholesterol and LDL were normal for the first time in my adult life! While I tend to be aware of the fat sources in my diet, it really isn’t necessary to go low fat if you low carb….I’ve kept the weight off for three years now. But if you still want to lower your fats, choose lean protein sources and use oil/fat free cooking methods. make egg white omelettes and use less cheese. Good luck with your low carbing…it works!

  4. christnp said :

    You are exactly right. Lower fat foods have more carbs. It is necessary to eat more fat in a low carb diet.

    There isn’t a one-size-fits-all ideal diet for everyone. More and more experts are recognizing that. The ‘pie chart’ guidelines don’t apply to low carb diets. Your doc might not want you counting calories either.

    You shouldn’t go crazy with fat, but don’t feel like you need to avoid it the way you used with more traditional dietary guidelines. It won’t work if you try to reduce fat too much.

    I know, it’s a tough mindset to get rid of. We’ve become very fat-phobic. Low carbing really does work for a lot of people.

  5. Leonard L said :

    My answer will differ greatly from anything you’ve heard before, so read and understand with an open mind.

    My “secret” for superior health is based mostly on the part your doctor hinted on…exercise.

    My last doctor visit was years ago, and he recormmended using aspirin in small doses daily.

    I now rarely even use that.

    My theory is that we are products of genetics, and once the medical community focuses more on that, I believe we will see improvement.

    Now, here’s MY secret….

    My job offers me constant motion which keeps all parts of my body exercising as they should be.

    Once I’ve driven a lady doctor to N.Y.U. Medical Center, and her advice has blessed me with great health.

    Base your diet on garlic. Instead of doses of aspirin, use a clove of garlic a day, and try to stick with a mediterean diet of salads with olive oil, and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

    However, the key is exercise.

    What I mean by exercise is actually fatigueing your body several times a week. You do this by finding ways to do heavy work instead of modern day conveniences. Long walks. Using the car less and less. Lawn mowing (not the sit-down type). Even caring for pets will help you.

    Don’t try to reduce fat in your diet, just use the “good fat” like olive oil. And do away with sugar.

    You will find, as I have, that the garlic in your system will naturally fight off harmful “enemies” (as advised by that lady doctor I’ll never forget)…keeping blood pressure low, fighting viruses, keeping insects away….

    And for those who don’t want that garlic smell, you use listerine (amber color only, and store brands just as good)…often…as much as you can stand using it.

    Doing all the above will keep you healthy like a bull.

    Try it, and see.

    That’s my “secret”, and I challenge any doctor to find holes in it.


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