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How can I lose weight when fruit has so many calories?

Okay so I have been cutting down on all the snacks and now I only have fruit and a breadstick. I just recently found out that fruit has so many calories whereas a breadstick only has 22, will I ever lose weight. I eat a orange, apple, bannana and a plum a day, surely i’m not gonna get anywhere.

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9 Responses to “How can I lose weight when fruit has so many calories?”

  1. bassmaster753 said :

    Don’t eat so much fruit?

  2. whit said :

    Really there isn’t a whole lot of calories in fruit at all. Below in sources shows a calorie table of most fruit.

  3. ALI C said :

    I dont really know a whole lot about tips and ticks to lose weight…but soups are great and if you eat whole grains..brown rice, brown bread, you know things like that. Lots of fish and salads…and certainly no soda..except for diet. I dont think the fruit would really hinder your progress has long as your not wolfing it down you could also try fruit with cottage cheese and exercise daily you know walk for 20 mins if nothing else.

  4. Watching it all fall!!! said :

    Fruit has good nutrients like vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and probably some yet to be discovered nutrients that are good for our health.

    This doesn’t mean that the sugars(carbohydrates) in fruit doesn’t add up. Certain fruits have higher caloric content.

    Your right, eating too much fruit can add up in calories and excess calories that you don’t burn usually undergo a process called lipogenesis where calories are stored as fat.

    The thing is you need to track your calorie intake and watch what you eat. Make room in your calorie allowance for fruits and other foods. Keeping a log is the best thing as you can see where the numbers are coming from.

  5. luella said :

    Huh? Work out what you should take in per day, eg. if you are a girl and are aiming for somewhere between 1000 or more probably 1250 or 1500 a day, work out what you usually allow for meals, eg 1000 or whatever, and see how much you have left for snacks. Some people don’t have many snacks so can have higher calorie meals, but if you need snacks that is fine if you have healthy ones. From what I remember the averages are orange (60), apple (50) banana (100) and plum no idea probably 30-40. If you don’t have enough left for all that then see if you can swap any other snacks for them, cause fruit is healthy. If not, you’ll have to have orange and apple one day, banana and plum the next. This is fine if you also have vegetables. Also, try melon as that is very low calorie compared to some fruits.

    A lot of people will say have as many fruit and veg as you like since they are healthy, but I know you have to be strict about your calorie limits, unless you have just a little bit to lose in which case it will probably come off gradually if you eat healthy portions sizes, but if it is a lot you won’t want it so gradual. Just try not to cut out fruit to allow calories for less healthy stuff.

  6. SuperGirl! said :

    my uncle is a physician and he gives talks about obesity, diabetes,heart diseases etc.the best ways to reduce

    belly is to take a proper diet and to do a lot of exercises.
    never include fats in your diet.try not to include carbohydrates too.but if you cant live without

    carbohydrates you can have them but alittle bit only.mostly you hhave a main dish made of carbohydrates like

    rice and a side dish like a vegetable curry.instead you can have beans and other complex carbohydrates as the

    main dish and other carbohydrates as the side dish.the complex carbohydrates swallow the
    other carbohydrates and there wont be any effect of the carbohydrates you consumed.drink yoghurt it helps
    walk inside your house for 45 minutes everyday.take weights of 2kgs in each hand and do a little exercises

    with it.another one is to lay down somewhere and let your chest come up without the help of your hands and lay

    down again and come up again.if you put your hands on your stomach you can feel it will be hard

    at first then youll get used to it

  7. Harry said :

    Although fruit has so many calories it has this much because of the benifits
    it has to your body. It has nutritious vitamins that are in the fruit that is something
    daily people need to consume to survive.
    You will lose weight with exercise and using herbalife, this natural weight loss supplement
    very easy,useful and cheap.


  8. AndyC said :

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  9. Pennie Pigue said :

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