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How can I loose weight quickly?

I’ve tried chewing and spitting, and the five bite diet and EVERYTHING but I really just want to loose weight quickly no matter how unhealthy it is
and please don’t tell me its bad and what not…
I need to loose about 15 pounds as soon as possible.
What weird diets have worked for you? Or pills?

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3 Responses to “How can I loose weight quickly?”

  1. Lindsey L said :

    ok so i lost about 3 pounds a week following this:

    breakfast: oatmeal, or yogurt, or 1 piece of toast w/ peanutbutter

    lunch: crackers, string cheese, gornolla bar, tangerine

    dinner: salad w/ steak black beans. yellow corn and creamy cillantro dressing.
    OR chicken and some kind of veggies
    OR meatloaf w/ small red potato and small salad.
    and every night with dinner drink non fat milk
    hope i helped!<3

  2. Betty said :

    My personal experience has been good with weight loss. I’ve been jogging and exercising which are the best activities for weight loss. There’s hardly any equivalent substitute. However, its your metabolism which also determine the quantum of weight loss. I was using a diet pill along with my exercises. Try Phentramin-d which is an excellent diet pill which is far ahead of its competitors. Unlike, many other diet pills, phentramin-d stays ahead of them because of its unique formula being developed at an FDA approved laboratory. It’s simply suppresses the appetite of the user thus making it easier for the person to take control of his/her life and also enhance metabolism.

    You can read about it:

  3. Clare said :

    Thermo Phen Phen worked better than anything I have ever used. It kills your appetite and also increases your metablism by giving you energy. Helped me to lose 20 pounds the first month.


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