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How can i loose wait whithout gaining muslce at the gym?

okay, so i’ve been working out at the gym for the last month, i am over weight and i tend to put on weight quickly but i also gain muscle just as fast i have noticed that i’m become musculare and i dont want to be i wanna be slim and defined, i was doing an hour an a half of cardio and then doing weights should i stop the weight? or would it interfear with weightloss? i also eat salad and protein thats it

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22 Responses to “How can i loose wait whithout gaining muslce at the gym?”

  1. lily j said :

    do cardio (running, walking, swimming) don’t do weights because if you do weights you’ll just get muscle under your fat.

  2. Demi said :

    hehe fat

  3. Rob said :

    just use light weights a lot

  4. Angela R said :

    dont work so hard or dont do weights

  5. 1dollar4corn said :

    do cardio lots of cardio cut out the weights

  6. awesome person said :

    if you wanna become more toned just do less weight with a lot of reps and run/jog.

  7. Mary Beth said :

    Lose ‘wait’????
    Um,just schedule everything more precisely,so you don’t have to WAIT!

  8. Sherman said :

    Dont eat the protein anymore. the protein is whats making you gain muscle. Keep on eating the salad but stop with the protein. drink water and eat salad, it might be hard but you can do it!!

  9. Emily V. said :

    yes. salads are good. also only use tredmil and layoff the weights a bit. and just do some simple sit ups.

  10. Captin first class hvzm said :

    eat healthy, not less, healthy

    also you could go to a sauna or just sweat off the pounds

    a nascar driver can loose 3 pounds in only one race

  11. TomH said :

    jk dont do that
    do pilates or sumthin
    i dunno what pilates does but my mum duz it

  12. David P said :

    Muscle is good. Stay on the program.

    work on your spelling

  13. Nicholas G said :

    If you really want to lose weight, run at least 3 miles a day. That will eat away at your fat and eventually your muscle. Giving you a very defined slim look

  14. Conifers said :

    Don’t cut out the weights, as they are just as important as cardio. Try lowering the amount of weight you exercise, but do more repititions. So for example if you were doing bicep curls with 20 pounds and 3 sets of 8 reps, then go down to 10 or 15 pounds with 4 sets of 10.

  15. nonya said :

    odds are that if you’ve only been working out a month then its all in your head and your not as buff as you think you are. No dont stop weight training just concentrate on higher reps, lower weights. If your not using steroids then you’ll never see the results that the people in the movies and magazines see.

  16. smells fishy swimmer girl said :

    you should want to tone up. just walking will shed the pounds and only tone alittle. if youre over wieght by atleast 40 pounds, you could go on the aultman hopsitle diet. no working out

  17. Amanda said :

    Don’t stop doing weights all together just do more reps of lower weights. It will help you burn calories with out gaining to much muscle mass.

  18. ? said :

    well you can start by eating healthy.and stop eating things that r unhealthy in excess. im not telling you to die starving. u can eat but u know like things that are boiled or in another way that is not fried.or you can do as me. instead of hard working you can swim and dance

  19. someprson said :

    Well, for firsts, working out is usually a good thing. Most people want to gain muscle. Secondly, the reason why people are generally overweight is because they eat too much starch. But, your case is a bit different. I’m going to encourage you to try to eat a bit more (if salad and protein is all you do eat), just don’t over eat. Sometimes when people try to starve themselves, it makes it worse, because then your body tries to store as much food as possible in its system. Also, I was told that drinking lots of water helps people lose weight.

    Hope this helps!

  20. Jimbo said :

    Well I would stop the weight training. Diet and cardio should be all you really need.

  21. John said :

    I can’t tell you what will work for you, but I can tell you what worked for my wife and I. I lost 40 pounds in 3 months, the healthy way. My wife lost that much as well, took a bit longer. But it does take a bit of self control. I didn’t exercise much more than I normally did (and I have a desk job) but I’m sure it would help. I didn’t even have to limit the quantity of food I ate. No, not unhealthy diet, or take chemicals or stuff… just a big change in diet. Eat the foods God designed for our body. Here are my recomendations:

    Do this in stages, as you can, because if you are too rigid, you may over explode or overdose the other way…

    Sugar is out. It leads you to crave sugars. Fresh fruit is now your sugar. Corn syrup, expecially the high fructose corn syrup is a absolute no-no. It has a chemical reaction with your stomach, and triggers your brain to make you feel stomach hunger. Ever noticed you can eat a huge meal, and top it off with a dessert, and then feel hungry an hour later? that is corn syrup!! Use Fresh fruit for sugar. If you must, use stevia… has a bitter after taste, but it is just an herb.

    Veggies are a must, and should constitute 1/3 to 1/2 of your meal. Must be fresh or steamed for at most 3 to 5 minutes. The vitamins, enzymes, and fiber is a must for clearing the wrong food from your bowels.

    Grain is WAY over-done in america. Your body actually need very little. Limit yourself to one (maybe two, if you must) serving of grain per day. A serving is about 1/2 cup of cooked food. But, wheat is definetly out. It is the biggest contributor to weight. Never cheat on wheat. (Check ingredients!!) Limit yourself to whole brown rice. IF you are going to cheat, oats is second best, corn is next. This part is VERY important.

    I eliminated dairy (food from cows milk) completely, but cheated a couple times a week. I believed the cheese was one of the best things to get off of. I have a problem with milk in general, from all the stuff they do with it. You will get WAY, WAY more calcium from veggies, if your meals are packed with them. (research homoginazation; you will be afraid of milk after that, let alone the hormones and antibiotics)

    Fruits are way good, but only 1/2 to 2/3 the portion size as your veggies. Don’t be afraid of fruit. It’s good for you.

    Nuts are great as well. But, try to do the bulk raw nuts. Cooked in oil, with salts and chemicals is bad. (Don’t get me started on MSG!! Do some research on that, and you will have nightmares!)

    Meat is good, even with animal fat. Dont’ believe what they say. Don’t cut all the fat off it, it’s not that bad for you. (Butter too, Ii know, it’s dair, but it’s not as bad as they say try to stick to unsalted. and trade to natural sea-salt. It’s way better for you too!) Anyways, meat is fine, but not more than 1/4 of your meal.

    Did I miss anything? Exercise is good, but like I said, I did it without. Went from 195 to 140 (I went back to 160, but that is about where I need to be)

    Hope this helps,

    – John

  22. DEANER said :

    Please Read Me! (i am female responder)
    I’ve waited all night to answer – i maxed out. Listen to JOHN (long one) and what i will tell you now:

    Do NOT worry about muscle gain -at this point, you want muscle. The muscle will burn the fat. The muscle weighs more but is 3 times as compact. The muscle give shape. The muscle will NOT look like the Hulk unless you take steroids, as someone said.

    It is a major problem of dieters to lose muscle along with fat – that is just very bad. What is left? Bone and skin? I am repeating myself because i want you to get it – go for as much muscle as you can. The only other prospect is fat anyway. And you will always have some ‘girly fat’ anyway.

    Reps and Weight – & why i know the score…
    You can do higher weight and fewer reps – it will give strength. Don’t worry so much about light weight fewer reps, because that might be too aerobic anyway. I know from experience. What you perceive as big muscle will be nice sized once you pull out the fat.

    i gained now – i got lazy. But for years i was tiny – size two – i maintained that by lifting progressively higher weight (not to be ridiculous tho) so that my muscles had to work and stay taut. They did NOT get big and some of them i wanted big. I had the most amazingly perfect back and shoulders and a tiny waist of 23 inches way into my 40’s. I had a nice swell of biceps and defined triceps. All this i got from free weights at my MAX weight, not minimum. My legs were not bulky – i was about to do a special program, but i left that club… Anyway..

    Please don’t try to eliminate muscle for now- that is the worst. IF you think later they are big, modify then – muscle will atrophy easily enough.

    Get this book “Eat Right 4 Your Type” – by Dr. Peter D’Adamo (i think it’s Peter) You must know your blood type. This 1 book got me down to 113 pounds and i am over 5′ 7″ and i was not anorexic, i was just near perfect. Slender muscles – well i fit into size 2 pants, so…

    John has some good stuff. But some said avoid protein – do not avoid protein! You gotta eat protein for your workout – to keep the muscle there. If you lose anymore muscle, your fat will have nothing to devour it – it will grow and grow and thwart your efforts to be slimmer.

    Eventually you will look at the scale and become more precise. But for now, you want to gain muscle to eat up that fat. Do not ever give up the weight-training.

    Weight machines and free weights are KING. Aerobics – you can get away with a minimum. Don’t keep increasing that – keep increasing the weight lifting.

    More on food. Eat Flax Seed Oil. It can seem kind of nasty, but it helps you burn fat – it is the most essential fat. Way better to swallow than fish oil. Also as John said, a few nuts per day – Macadamia is good. Sesame butter for a little treat – on celery. Lean red meats, chicken – find out to your blood type. These good oils actually help in weight maintenance. John has other good food advice but just don’t eliminate much protein. Find a chart that indicates.

    Also John is right about the grains – over-rated. If you are Type O blood (largest blood group)- then many grains are out – I am O and i should have no wheat – at all. And no corn. Oh, CORN IS OUT – corn is not good to eat for a dieter.

    If you don’t buy that book i mentioned, you are missing out. I dropped 20 pounds practically overnight. It was so easy – i forgot about dieting! Get that book – today.

    Thank you i had to search for your question again – took long time. i just feel for you and i want you to do the right thing and have the body of your dreams. You can. 🙂


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