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How to loose wait in about 3 days?!?

I am a girl, and i’m 12 years old.. almost 13 in May….
I am 5 foot 3.. and I weigh 87 pounds. I am very athletic..
I am a cheerleader and basketball player. I am a flyer for cheer and lately my basers have been saying im a little heavier. and i love flying and i would not want to become a baserr.. soooo if there are anyways i could loose weight quickly? oh and I eat healthy but im so used to eating anything i want and staying skinny and light but i guess thats not the case anymore witch sucks haha k thankss:)

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5 Responses to “How to loose wait in about 3 days?!?”

  1. audrey said :

    stave yourself for 3 days.
    then eat carrots for a week and each week alittle bit moree.. untill your normal again

  2. Zyggy said :

    You are at a -somewhat- healthy weight right now. For your age and height the norm is 85-125 pounds, so you are on the low end. If you start losing in an unhealthy way (like trying to lose weight in 3 days) you could cause serious health problems for yourself. Starving yourself won’t work either, that will make the body start storing fat rather then burning it. You ARE healthy. You are also 12 and growing, just like all the other girls on your team.

  3. melyybaybee said :

    Excirese about an hour a day or more if u can. Eat healthy food but small portions everytime you eat. Eat more times a day but eat small portions of food. Thats pretty much all you can possiblely do. and please dont starve your self.. and also dont try lossing weight til your like 55-65 pounds cuz then you will just harm your self try to stay in the 7Os range and you will be good. remember your only 12 your growing and you really dont want a do a crash diet cause your health will go down the drain

  4. Debi said :

    At your size/age/weight it would not be healthy for you to lose weight. You should eat a balanced, healthy diet and get plenty of exercise to stay healthy. You will gain some weight as you continue through puberty, but as long as it is not sudden or drastic, it is healthy and normal. Even if you were in a position to need to loose weight, it is never a good idea to try to lose weight quickly. Sudden changes in weight can be really bad for your body. And as far as your fellow cheerleaders go…either they are trying to get to you, in which case, don’t let them, or they need to hit the gym to develop their strength.

  5. Sydney said :

    omg i used to be a base ur not heavy for ur age i lifted girls who were like 105 lbs i sucked it up so can ur bases i was like 12 i am 13 it wasent that bad


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