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How do you loose weight without gaining muscle?

I Used to run cross country and track and i gained alot of Muscle. But then i quit. Now i want to loose some weight without gaining more muscle! How?

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8 Responses to “How do you loose weight without gaining muscle?”

  1. Tyrailius said :

    I run track and yes, by running you do gain a little muscle. It’s not very much though. I’ve actually heard that your muscles shrink the more you run, so if I were you I would stick with running.

  2. cookiemonster508 said :

    You have to starve yourself for a day I mean like no junk like only eat salad and only drink water thats what I do and makesure anything you eat doesnt have alot of calleries.

  3. easyericlife said :

    Tough one! Muscle burns all those calories off for you.
    The fact is that if you work out you will develop the muscle you need to support what you are doing. Even if it is Pilates or Yoga. I would recommend pilates training it will at least give you the long lean dancer muscles that don’t look so bulky.
    Don’t worry about the muscle you gain from running it is healthy.

  4. timmihendrix said :

    Put on a wool sweather hat and pants and sit 2 hours in a sauna every day.

  5. Hawaii said :

    Eating right..but if you lose weight faster…

  6. Superman_trackstar_07 said :

    run all the time!

  7. carlyhag said :

    Focus on cardio as opposed to weight lifting. Also try to work out in the morning when your metabolism is faster. If you can, a good schedule is: wake up, work out, eat a light breakfast, and eat a big lunch. Do this 5 days a week for a month, and I promise you’ll see results!

    …in regards to muscle, though, it’s important to build some. Not only will it help with your cardio workouts, but it helps burn fat too.

  8. rdrunner3702 said :

    LSD. Long Slow Distance. Run a pace at which you can talk without gasping for air. That’s your aerobic training zone, and it’s where you will burn lots of calories/fat.


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