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How can I get on track with my fat loss again?

I went from 172 down to 141 but now i’m 149. I’m was still chubby and now i’m even more chubby, but I have no motivation to lose fat now for some reason. What do you think could be the matter with me and how can I fix it?

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2 Responses to “How can I get on track with my fat loss again?”

  1. Chris said:

    A Combination of proper Food & Exercise is needed.
    Do inclined Pushups & Situps. Use Exercise Balls & Dumbells to increase the difficulty level. Pilate would be best for you too.
    Higher metabolism rate increase weight lost, provided you eat healthy food and pursue a vigorous workout. As a guide, deficiency in certain nutrients or low calorie diet reduces metabolism. Maintain a good Nutrient Diet is key to metabolism increase.
    Foodstuff that boost your metabolism level:
    1) Protein Intake – You will burn more calories, as it takes a longer time to break up protein food for digestion.
    2) Calcium Intake – Helps speed up basal metabolism. Calcium from foods is better than calcium-based supplements. Milk is one of the richest sources of calcium.
    3) High Fiber Food – Similar to protein food. Fiber food helps in burning more calories, thus makes losing weight easier and faster. Eat loads of beans, fresh fruits and vegetables and whole-grain breads.
    4) Green Tea – Green tea increases your basal metabolism and also contains less caffeine. Other forms of Tea are not favourable
    5) Avoid Alcohol – Alcohol lowers your activity metabolism and also tends to stimulate your appetite.
    6) Don’t skip Breakfast – Your body metabolism drops due to lack of Food & Nutrients ,especially in the morning.
    7) Plenty of Water – Drink water at frequent intervals, because it is water that helps in digestion of food. So, drink at least 1 Litre daily for every 25kg of Body Weight.

  2. More Masti said:

    i had the same problem
    i tried lots of things. you really need to work hard and get your diet right.its tough but not impossible.
    i also read lots of information on net and lots of books which helped me.
    i lost around 15 kg or so by doing proper exercise and diet
    out of all i found this e book the best one.
    its abt loosing fat and it hardly cost $ got lots of useful information.
    hope it helps
    wish u gud luck.
    p.s : i am not the owner of that im not trying to sell it to you.just useful information which helped just suggesting you the same


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