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How can I find motivation to lose weight?

I’ve been overweight for the majority of my life and when I was in middle school I became an emotional eater.

I lost 10lbs last month while I was dating this guy that I really liked. Once we started to drift apart though I lost all the motivation I had and gained all the weight back.

I feel like I only lose weight if I have someone to impress. Where else can I find motivation to lose weight?

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5 Responses to “How can I find motivation to lose weight?”

  1. crystal o said :

    go the gym thats what i do…. or get a personal trainer, that will motivate you even more cause they will help you

  2. emccbrian said :

    hi Jessica,

    You need to find something to drive you towards losing weight. You need to set a goal no matter how small and work towards it. Think of a compelling reason to lose weight and then use that as your driver. A compelling reason could be your health, a big celebration etc..

    Good luck,


  3. Mystery said :

    well maybe you could motivate yourself by thinking of losing weight TO FIND someone, instead losing weight once you have found someone.
    also by looking at skinny celebs, this can motivate you, for example cheryl cole. print pictures of them in bikinis and stick them around the house – on or in the fridge as well.
    maybe buy a cute dress for an occasion like a concert or party you are attending, but buy it a size too small, then you will be motivated to lose weight to fit into it.
    also try and think of your health – you will live longer if you lead a healthy lifestyle.
    another idea would be to book a beach holiday with some friends and someone you like? then you will be motivated to lose weight for this holiday so that you look good in a bikini.
    think of when you eat bad food – you feel fat, greasy and you regret it
    think of when you eat good food – you feel healthy and encouraged (much better!)
    also drink plenty of water – it helps to fill you up between meals and keeps your skin hydrated and looking good too
    if you do need to snack then snack on raw fruit and veg. Perhaps if you are bored of the normal ‘apple’ or ‘banana’ then buy exotic fruit – watermelon, mango, pineapple etc.
    i hope this helps and YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. Logan said :

    This website has a lot of information about weight loss and it is really motivating, it might be helpful for you.

  5. Franky J.Z. said :

    Look at yourself in the mirror FIRST! If you say to yourself “Hey, I’ve really let myself (your body) go. Look at my stomach I can’t believe how big its gotten, or my legs!” If you say this then do step 2. Go to a good friend. Say to the friend “Do you think I’m fat?”, or “Do you think I need to lose some weight?” If the friend says yes, then go to a gym. If they say no, and you KNOW you’re fat then they’re lying. When you see your fatness, or a good friend says you need to lose weight then you KNOW it’s time to lose weight, and that is a good motivation.


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