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How and where to purchase health insurance for my mother, she is not a US resident?

I am US resident, my husband is US citizen. He has health insurance through his work which includes my coverage also. My mother lives in other country, she is 58 years old, she is not a US resident or citizen, and she has a visa that allows her to visit us and stay here for up to 6 month per year. I wonder if I can purchase health insurance for her here, in US.

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5 Responses to “How and where to purchase health insurance for my mother, she is not a US resident?”

  1. Sadie C said :

    blue cross and blue shield

  2. mbrcatz said :

    Nope. You’re not going to find an insurance company here in the USA willing to insure her.

  3. John Wayne said :

    Try to get US NetCare which is provides affordable and innovative health plans and medical insurance solutions for non-US citizens in America. US NetCare Health and Medical insurance plans are designed especially for the non-US citizen needs in America.

  4. b2bhandshake said :

    Regular health insurance for visitors to US is expensive, especially if she is in fairly good health and doesn’t need much health-card. You may be better off getting a Travel Insurance coverage with sufficient deductable for her stay in the US.

    Travel Insurance provides coverage for travel beteen a few days and months.

  5. MICHELLE P said :

    Typical situation you have like many other people,be patient and check out
    the resource here i found useful.


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