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How to get health insurance for Dubai visit visa?

Hi, I am planning to bring my husb and kid on visit visa. I heard that the health insurance is mandatory for visit visa. Where (or how) to get (or how to apply) this health insurance for vist visa. Please advice. Thanks.

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2 Responses to “How to get health insurance for Dubai visit visa?”

  1. Kadinsky said :

    Check your domestic health insurance (if any) and bank (if you have a “premium” type account); the might include travel insurance.

    If not, try the people who you buy home/car/pet insurance from; they might offer you travel insurance at a reduced rate.

    In the UK, the Post Office usually has the best deals on travel insurance, but I don’t know how common this practice is in the rest of the world.

  2. Thomas M said :

    First make sure that your current health insurance plan does not cover you internationally. Most Blue Cross Blue Shield ( ) do actually have overseas benefits.

    Next visit to get very affordable Travel Insurance Plans that include hospitalization and emergency evacuation and trip interruption benefits.

    You have many choices so please make sure to select the plan that meets the requirements of the visa authority and your length of stay( You may want more benefits than they require, just for your own protection)


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