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How do I obtain health & dental insurance while living & working in the UK?

I’m a US citizen. It’s always been my dream to live and work abroad. I just found out that my military health benefits & dental insurance won’t extend beyond the common wealth’s/territories of the US. I can comfortably afford to pay for health & dental insurance out of my pocket. Does anyone in the UK deal with international health & dental insurance? I really could use some help in finding the right company. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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One Response to “How do I obtain health & dental insurance while living & working in the UK?”

  1. me said :

    you cold just buy health insurance when you get over to the UK, plenty of companies offer this.
    If your living and working here, and paying taxes you may be eleigible for treatment on the NHS. This is free, and dental NHS is subsidised, an NHS dentist check up costs around £16….i think that is around $30.

    I checked on line and found this; It focuses more on marraige but if you read it it does actually say Americans Living in the UK…

    Free NHS medical care is not routinely offered to tourists who need emergency treatment while they are away from home. That is what their private medical insurance is there for, which will cover them in an emergency situation. Without private medical insurance, tourists must pay upfront costs to be seen by British doctors.
    However, American expatriates who are living in the UK are eligible for NHS medical care, as long as they can prove that they are eligible. American expatriates who are married to UK citizens can prove eligibility very quickly and be registered in next to no time.

    How to Register

    Once you have a permanent address, take along proof of your address, such as a recent utility bill, to your local doctor’s surgery. It is also a good idea to take a copy of your marriage certificate in case the doctor or nurse wishes to learn more of your eligibility for free NHS medical care. If you have access to your American medical records, take these along with you, so that they can be filed away for future reference. At the time you register with a GP (usually the same GP as your spouse’s unless you make a special request otherwise) you will be able to apply for an NHS medical card, that all NHS patients are issued to prove NHS eligibility. This card does not need to be hand carried to each doctor’s appointment; nor do patients need to remember their NHS medical card number. New patients must fill in personal information and complete a medical questionnaire that will ask about a family history of heart disease, cancer and other diseases and hereditary conditions. Be prepared to undergo a brief, non-invasive medical to include a blood pressure check, weight check and other simple procedures.

    Otherwise Bupa and AXA PPP offer healthcare cover. AXA is the best one though!


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