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Has anyone tried fat loss jimpness beauty capsules?

It’s a chinese capsule that helps you loose weight. I’d like to try it but can’t find product reviews of someone who’s tried it just sellers.

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3 Responses to “Has anyone tried fat loss jimpness beauty capsules?”

  1. Chanteuse_ar said :

    Weight loss pills don’t work the only thing you lose (not loose) is your money.

  2. great ideas said :

    Sorry I never heard that product.
    A piece of advice your on the right tract to find really what is that capsule to make your body and healthy safe.
    Try to visit my site for more information.

  3. jacq said :

    Simple answer is yes. I got them to try them and so far i’ve lost 8 lbs in 9 days. Everybody reacts differently to diet pills but these make me feel nauseous when i think about eating until I actually do feel hungry and I don’t eat huge portions cos i feel nauseous after a small portion of food. If you don’t have loads of weight to lose these could be dangerous but i’m 18.8 stone so have it to lose. I’m taking multivitimins and drinking loads of water and exercising and eating only when body’s actually hungry and smaller portions of healthy food. So yes i find they’re working.


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