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Has anyone who tried the top secret fat loss secret not gotten a refund who has asked for it?

For those of you who are thinking about this scam, don’t waste your money. For those of you who already did, I would like to know if you ever received a refund from this malicious enterprise.

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2 Responses to “Has anyone who tried the top secret fat loss secret not gotten a refund who has asked for it?”

  1. Kayden M said :

    The most effective way to burn fat is to eat less and move more, the problems arise when we in reality aim to put that into operation! There are a lot of opportunities to fail in the real world aren’t there?! The sole diet that definitely showed results for me was wu-yi tea, it can be seen in the resource box below, they have a small number of free trials remaining, it has been highlighted in Fox News and USA Today. I lost 25 pounds, it definitely does produce success!

  2. mark said :

    Weight Loss Hypnosis really does work, I know because I lost over 10 stone all thanks to The BBC and Claire Hegarty.

    I was really depressed being just over 22 stone, I had no confidence and I was ashamed of my body. When it came to holidays, I did not want to go because of my weight, worrying about what people would say about me.

    Before people say why did you not go on a diet, I did, I went on lots of diets for many years but nothing worked. It cost me a fortune each week with my diets and I even went on the weight watchers diet, which did not work either in the long run, which made me worry that I would never gain my proper weight and my health could be at risk.

    But then I heard a program on the BBC where they invited a leading weight loss hypnotherapy expert called Claire Hegarty to talk about how weight loss hypnosis can help with getting people back to their normal weight. At first I thought, well I had tried everything so why should something I have never heard of before help me. Then I started to listen more closely and started to enjoy what I was hearing.

    After a couple of days thinking about it, I decided to contact Claire and ask her more about weight loss hypnosis and she was happy to spend an hour on the phone. I then researched it some more and after I was satisfied it could be something that may help me, I arranged with Claire to meet up and talk more about it. And the rest as they say is history.

    I had low will power but now I am just over 11 stone and very happy with lots of confidence. My only wish is, to have heard about it a lot sooner and to all those companies out there who make millions of pounds on diet products, thanks but no thanks, as they do not work.

    Good luck


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