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Does anyone know the top secret fat loss secret who would be willing to share it with an overweight teenager?

I am a 15 year old, overweight girl. I hate it when people make fun of me because of my weight – it is so embarassing! I would like to know the top secret fat loss secret from someone who is willing to share it with me. I can’t afford to buy the book, or else I would. I’m desperate. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Any fat loss tips, too.


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11 Responses to “Does anyone know the top secret fat loss secret who would be willing to share it with an overweight teenager?”

  1. Ce said :

    1. Stop stuffing your mouth with KFC

  2. IamRIGHT said :

    5 small (toddler sized) meals a day, NO FRIED FOOD, NO SODA, NO PASTRIES OR CANDY. The weight will fall off.

  3. nott a starr x3 said :

    Small, frequent, meals (6 a day)
    Snacks in moderation, if any.
    Gym or school sport (track)
    Take lots of walks

    That, or Lipo
    If you’re extremely overweight, look into that stomach-band thing. I heard that surgery works.

  4. Requiem of Spirit said :

    Look at Africa, they seem to geniuses at weight loss.

  5. kii G said :

    damm gurr there no secret. start by buying a pair of sneakers. or stay at home and watch the biggest loser for motivation.

  6. Soulstryker said :

    have a jog every early morning if you are embarrassed that people might spot you,jogging is still one of the best remedies to fat loss,do not eat oily food,and more importantly do not skip meals.Drink plenty of plain water and sleep early

  7. Envy Mclovin' said :

    Eat healthy, Exercise more.

    It’s fool-proof. As long as you burn more calories than you take in, you’ll lose weight.

  8. Superhero, Black said :

    Love yourself.

  9. Daniel said :


    1. Diet and exercise: its simple to say but hard to do.

    2. It could be hereditary. Some people are born to be heavier and if you are meant to be big you will be big or spend the rest of your life starving yourself and working out.

  10. crazy_me said :

    i seriosuly know what u mean. i am 16 and m healthy thin and i hate to look at fat teens(no offence)

    for ur problem search for videos on youtube. they are very effective. one of them that i follow is

    because i have flabby arms and i really wanna shed some of the weight there soon!!!

    and about the food eating part,….i read it somewhere that when u r hungry, drink water instead of eating something….dinks loads of water…this will control ur urge to eat and also water is very good for skin!!!

  11. Jake said :

    If you are looking for the best way to loose weight, check out this blog

    Here you can learn the secrets how to lose fat permanently

    Hope this help,


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