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Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst Top Secret Fat Loss Secret has anyone tried?

Is this a scam? Has anyone out there tried this? Have you bought the book? What is the secret?

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4 Responses to “Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst Top Secret Fat Loss Secret has anyone tried?”

  1. I'm Betting on Alice said :

    may i reccomend Dr. Ozz instead

  2. ItsACroc said :

    It sounds like a total load of crap (excuse the pun).

    Probably involves taking laxatives and stimulants.

    Just drink a lot of Metamucil and coffee and you’ll get the same results. You’ll be stuck to your toilet for days, but you’ve gotta suffer for beauty . . .

  3. nu2this said :

    I cannot confirm if it is a scam or genuine as I have not been able to get a direct answer to questions either through the contact us on the site or by email. I was genuinly interested in purchasing the Ebook as it all sounded so positive.

    I decided to recieve the newsletter.

    Initially i recieved emails almost daily. Soon I recieved emails on how to make money by becoming an affiliate selling the ebook to others.
    Could this possibly be the reason there are so many links when you do an internet search or why you can not get further usefull information about the program ??

    How many people would take up the offer to make lots of money by being an affiliat ??

    What I suggest is setting up an alternate email account, then going to the site and signing up for the free newsletter using the newly created email address.
    Ask plenty of questions through the contact us tab on the site. Ask questions by replying to the emails you recieve. Then after about 10 days you be the judge.

    For me, I decided to check out other alternatives.

    I soon discovered that there are numerous Parasite detoxs available with people who appear more willing to reply directly to potential customers questions.

  4. arthur b said :

    Of course it is a scam. If you look at what she says herself it’s obviously a scam.

    First: What is a ‘scam’? It’s a method of making money by selling something that doesn’t warrant the price.

    Well, first, she points out that millions of people are unhealthily fat – therefore it’s a crisis that supercedes money-making. i.e. the knowledge shouldn’t be sold, it is critical it be given…

    Second she points out that it is internal parasites are the main single reason for the overweight. Well ridding yourself of parasites is a fairly well covered subject in medical literature, hence no worthy of sale… it is there, free.

    Third she intimates she’s got a ‘silver bullet’. Well, see point one, in that case she’s morally bound to reveal it.

    Fourth it is obvious that once sufficient people know about the ‘silver bullet’ the secret will be out and she’ll be out of business… hence the need to ‘scam’ quickly and thoroughly.

    Fifth do some searching on the web, some googling, and see just how thorough she has been with her coverage, to ensure she is able to milk every dollar she can before the card house falls down.

    It is a scam.

    She’s selling something that she’s morally bound to give away and that, in any case, is probably freely available already.

    What’s the big difference between a scam and normal commerce? Normal commerce being savage shark-like enough already. Normal commerce being loaded with scam already (i.e. designer labels, conning the kids, etc…).

    Well, not much. Virtually everything that’s sold is ‘scam’ to some extent. Don’t you know that?

    The basic difference, theoretically at least, is morality. Normal commerce is supposed to be after your money but not out to harm you.

    Scams have no conscience, they don’t care who they harm.

    This scam harms by sin of omission, all those who badly, dreadfully, need this knowledge to combat their terrible overweight.

    It’s a scam. True or untrue it’s a scam. If it’s true it’s all the more a scam for the terrible callousness with which it treats all those it could help today.

    But it won’t last long. Soon the ‘simple secret’ will be out and we’ll all know.

    And then she can sit in her counting house and count her money and wonder whether she mightn’t have preferred it if she’d done something altruistically for all those millions…

    If there’s reall


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