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Has anyone tried the fat loss patch from Nexagen USA?

ingredients: forslean coleus forskoholii extract, guarana extract, chromium polynicotinate, cosmoperine, homeopathic thyroidinum.

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2 Responses to “Has anyone tried the fat loss patch from Nexagen USA?”

  1. Johnny B said:

    They’re all a waste of time. Use this instead.
    Okay. Cut out eating in between meals.
    Only eat healthy food and cut down on Carb’s like bread, potatoes, pasta’s, rice etc.
    Then walk an hour every morning two hours after a meal and the same in the afternoon.
    If you can jog in between both sessions you’ll burn even more calories.
    You should lose and continue to lose more weight as you go.

    As long as you can stay off junk food and eating in between meals.

  2. fat-no-more said:

    YES! And I am excited by it. Very Excited. Before I tell you what has happened I should let you know that I am diabetic, have a thyroid problem and suffer with Lupus. So you can imagine my health is a pressing issue for me and I take my recovery seriously.

    OK – I have been using Nexagen’s power patch for 3 weeks (so has my 24 year old son)

    These are our results so far:

    MY INCH LOSS: 2 “ lost from my waist, 3” from under my bust, 1 ½ inches from each thigh, ¾ from my wrists (yes I can see the bones again AND my face has a jaw line again!!!

    ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Food cravings all but disappeared, I feel full and satisfied with smaller portions – I recon my food consumption has dropped by 50%. My joints are pain free for the first time in 2 years – so much so I have just gone back to the gym and started a gentle work out routine. I am calmer, my blood pressure has reduced and I am sleeping better.

    MY SON: 3” from chest, 2” from waist, 1 ½ inches from each thigh.

    ADDITIONAL BENEFITS: Food cravings all disappeared. Appetite is negligible. He now eats 2 snacks and 1 meal a day – only when hungry. He is eating for 1 (not 4 people per sitting as before. He is calmer, less reactive to stress, sleeping better, increased memory and getting his college work done without fuss. I have also noticed he is laughing more and being more sociable.

    I would say that’s a RESULT! We intend to keep going with these patches as the results improve over time. We both expect to shed over 100 pounds each over 12 months in a safe, steady and healthy way. My last word is we have both tried to shed body fat by conventional dieting and exercise – these patches seem to make the difference and improve the results from our other efforts – you don’t need to diet when your natural food choices become healthy by choice – we do not feel deprived, or hungry, or tense. IT’S GREAT.


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