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Anyone tried the Pink Patch dieting pill?

Its going for megga bucks on ebay and wondered if anyone has tried it and what results you got?

Many thanks!

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2 Responses to “Anyone tried the Pink Patch dieting pill?”

  1. Aliceee said :

    no – is it good?

  2. morning star said :

    I haven’t tried it, but have looked at an advert for it. I would be wary as it claims to be an appitite suppresent. Apitite suppresents are dangerous and should only be prescribed by a doctor. I would suggest that you go to your GP and ask him to check your blood pressure and heart, and if there are no problems, ask if he will prescribe a drug called Reductil (this must be taken under medical suppervision, as it can raise blood pressure and heart rate), but it does work, I lost six stone taking it. Good luck


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