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what is Dr. suzanne gudakunst secret to fat loss?

I read about what it does, and would really like to do it, i am in need to lose weight but to young to own by own credit card and my parents would say i don’t need this, I’m not fat. But I was wondering if you could either give me the secret or some how give me the ebook(idk how to do that, but if you know I’d be really grateful)… Thanks! =)

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6 Responses to “what is Dr. suzanne gudakunst secret to fat loss?”

  1. Dc V said :

    exercise more, eat less hot dog

  2. SethSpeaks said :

    It is a SCAM. It is just saying to use colon cleanse.. aka laxatives! To lose weight. Now if your friend says she uses laxatives after she eats to lose weight, you say she is a bulimic. But if she says oh she uses colon cleanse to lose weight, some might say oh she’s being healthy. Laxatives only make you lose water weight and the weight of your feces.. not any actual fat.

    PS She also says you are fat because of worms and parasites in your gut. That makes no sense. If a dog gets worms it gets skinny. Why would you get fat if you had worms eating the food in your guts? Ridiculous.

  3. Tom Edwards said :

    Don’t know what her secret is but apparently it does work, to be honest I found
    the graphic pictures a little scary, have you seen them? There’s also more info
    on her secret system too. Hope this helps a little.

  4. Carilyn Giacomello said :

    You need to have right information if you want to lose weight. You can use method that I lost 16 pounds in 8 weeks. It works just amazing and It will work for you too. You can find more information at link below.

  5. Sinisa Mitrovic said :

    Learn what to eat for a “ripped” body. This is the diet plan used by the world’s best bodybuilders and top figure models.
    This fat-burning program is the real deal… Burn fat without going hungry.

    It’s the diet that bodybuilders and fitness models use.

  6. Rogelio Lee said :

    I got feed up trying to find a good weight loss program untill I found this It answered all my questions.


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