wha t is the fat loss secret?

try this one i agree with slyder i have taken the neccessary steps with this powerful toll yahoo answers . is it a scam or not but i would like to make a decision of my own , every time you think you have found a site that has someone opinion , read this before you buy the fat loss secret its a advetisement i dont know i know it made slyder mad so he had made it a personally statement so that one looking caould find their answer without be blogged unitl they gave in . fat loss secret fat loss secret fat loss secret fatlos secret fat loss secret fat loss secret fat loss secret fat loos secret fat loo secret fat loss secret fat loo secret fat loo secret fat loo secret fat loo secret fat loo secret fat loo secret fat lo secret fat too secret fat loo secret fat loo secret fat loss secret fat loss secret fat loo secret fatloss secret fat loss secret fat loss secret fat loossecret fat loss secret fat loss secret fat loss secret

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4 Responses to “wha t is the fat loss secret?”

  1. Alphonse Quicksilver said:

    Eat less calories, burn calories with exercise. Is that a secret? Not really, but it’s the truth.

    Are you mad? Probably.

  2. emeraldsunsets said:

    I hate to seem like I’m spamming, and hate to seem cranky about it, but people refuse to understand this.
    I’m sorry, I’m no medical professional, but I know the true secret to lose weight and keep it off. It has been around for thousands of years, when mankind existed before the industrial revolution. You want to know the secret? It’s the easiest remedy, requires no guesswork, and can take awhile, but is worth the benefits? Suspense gotcha yet?

    You really want to know?

    Promise you won’t get mad.
    Did you promise?

    OK, the real true way the body was created, to maintain your weight true to your height and build is to….

    1) Eat as much unprocessed organic foods as possible. Lay off the prepackaged, starchy, homogenised, refined foods. Fresh fruit, fresh veggies, whole grains, and get as much protein from vegetation. If you must eat meat, eat organic. Or buy from kosher markets. Drink bottled spring water. Fiji water is the best. It might seem more expensive at first, but think of it this way. Would you rather pay into aggravating medical bills stemming from your unhealthy lifestyle, or spend a little more serving you and you family healthy foods your bodies intended to have since the creation of mankind?
    Think about it. There wasn’t a whole lot of overweight couch potato settlers. They worked for what they had. Physical labor, for meagre earnings, meagre food rationed. yet, they survived. They were their average weight. There was not diabetes, or any strange diseases we see today. Don’t believe me? Google it. Which brings me to number 2…

    2) Exercise as much as you can. Even if it means short simple walks daily at first. Before all the modernisation of the world we walked, lifted, stooped, knelt, and occasionally ran. The ratio to exercise is burn off at least over half of what you consumed the previous day. Normal brain functions, stress, everyday activities besides exercise burns off the rest, and doesn’t deposit as fat.

    If you aren’t healthy enough for physical activities, I urge you to cut out the prepackaged foods, and corn syrup laden drinks, and eat more natural foods. I guarantee you will lose weight from just doing that, than relying on herbal teas or nutrition supplements you found that say “AS SEEN ON TV”

    Be well

  3. slyder said:

    hey thanks for the fight , what so funny is the people run aorund ansering these they dont have a clue but some are legit but how nerdy do you be to just answer quetions for the hell of it , what kind of personality is that this is an attempt for people to seek the truth about the fat loss secret , if people thank it is spam fine but answer and call it spam ,their nerdy its saturday , talk to later mrs 94 % best answer how do you have that

  4. an_gel_on said:

    It’s really very simple.

    There are 2 categories of workouts and you only need to focus on one of those for weight loss.

    1. Resistance training – weight lifting, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.

    2. Cardiovascular Training – walking/running, swimming, jumping jacks, dancing to the oldies, etc.

    You need only to focus on #2 for weight loss. #1 is good for muscle tone but does little for weight loss.

    Cardiovascular exercises are simple and you don’t need any fancy equipment. For successful weight loss, all you need to do is any body movements that get your heart rate higher than normal. That’s what cardiovascular workouts are all about. They simply get your heart rate up and burn off fat.

    You will need to keep your heart rate up for longer than 20 minutes per session in order to achieve a successful burn. The body takes that much time to warm up and begin the burn. Any huffy-puffy activity will work such as walking, running, going up and down stairs, vigorous dancing, jumping rope, just anything that makes you huff and puff. That’s the key – huff and puff for over 20 minutes a session. This is how your body burns off fat.


    Don’t get discouraged!

    Contrary to popular TV, there is no such thing as “targeting” an area of your body for weight loss. The reality is that you will see the fattest part of your body lose weight last! You will notice it first in your face. The thickest fat is the last to go so don’t lose heart if you don’t see your “targeted area” going anywhere at first.

    Simply create a huffy-puffy workout for yourself that lasts over 20 minutes per session and stick to a daily routine for best results.

    Another tip is don’t rely on what the scales say everyday. That will discourage you. The better way to monitor your progress is to observe your clothes getting looser. The scales can be misleading because as you lose weight, typically you are also building muscle mass. This dual change may look like you are not losing fat when you actually are.

    Checking your heart rate. Take your fingers of your left hand and place them about an inch to the right of the center of your right hand wrist as it faces palm up. This should be at your right-hand wrist below your thumb. You should feel a pulse there. Now count the number of beats in a 6 second period. Multiply that number by 10 and that’s your heart rate. A reasonably safe and effective heart rate during an exercise burn is about 120 for most people 30–50 years old.

    A bland diet will speed the weight loss up for sure. But if you’re like me, starting a daily exercise program plus starting a bland diet is just too emotionally stressful (wink, wink). So, I say, for those of us who want some type of reward for working out everyday, continue enjoying your favorite foods – just cut your portions down. Train yourself to learn when you are satisfied as you eat a meal and stop eating at that point rather than eating until you feel full. You’ll be surprised at how early in the meal you are satisfied. So, just stop eating at that point. Make a habit of it.

    I am a 52 year old male and I am using a programmed treadmill which uses a combination walk/ 5 mph. run workout for 30 minutes a day. I am losing 2-3 pounds a week just doing that and cutting my favorite food portions back the way I mentioned before. My peak heart rate during this routine is 140. (Just telling you this in hopes that it will give you some idea of what 30 minutes a day will do for you so you can adjust your workout to suit your targeted weight loss time frame.)

    Good luck! I hope this helps.


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