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Good ways to lose arm fat? Fast?

I’m so self concious about my body. I have a bloated stomach, and flabby arms, and chubby cheeks but my friend says they make me look cute XD ok back to the subject… Well, i already asked how to get rid of the stomach, and people have given the best answers in a while. anyways, i would like to not have part of my arm jiggle when i wave.. any links to sights with workout routines? or tips on what to do? please help me… iv been feeling so self concious lately :<

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3 Responses to “Good ways to lose arm fat? Fast?”

  1. Anne C said :

    Push ups girl.

  2. Mika Tui said :

    You can do different exercise to keep out your bored.Some times you can do exercise like jogging,swimming and others Some times you can do other exercise like doing gym.Then you will not get bored..If you really wanted to lose your weight,you can set a time to do exercise..


  3. Robin said :

    You cannot target specific areas of the body to lose fat from in the same way as if you want to build muscle. When you exercise fat is lost proportionally from ALL OVER the body so, for example., just doing arm exercises will not just lose you fat from the arms but everywhere else as well – but in proportion. So if your tummys bigger you will lose more from there than your arms.

    The most crucial aspect to losing weight is firstly your diet. If you are healthy then weight cannot be lost without you reducing your calories. So you must establish SMALLER eating habits so that HUNGER is felt and the body then gradually adapts to this so you eventually end up eating less.. The diet should be balanced but the QUANTITY is more important than the kind of food.

    Hope this helps


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