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Does wii fit actually help you lose weight?

Does the wii fit on nintendo wii actually help you lose weight and would you recommend getting it?

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4 Responses to “Does wii fit actually help you lose weight?”

  1. LoveGirl said :

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  2. The Shadow Knows said :

    it will if you also have a healthy diet and use it regularly
    it’s a pretty intense workout at times, so are a lot of the games

  3. Ray <3 said :

    My friends mom says she lost like 10 lbs in a week (which I hardly believe because that means burning 35000 calories which is about 120 hours of wii fit in the week).. but yes, it will certainly help. It shouldn’t be your only thing though!

  4. anita p said :

    my friend has wii fit.when she finishes her sessions on it,her muscles ache and shes out of breath so yeah id recommend it.its just like doing a full workout but in your living room 🙂


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