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How much calories can you burn on the new “wii fit” game?

Ive just purchased a nintendo wii, im thinking about getting wii fit, its £70 for the game and I only want to get it if it will be worth it! Is it as good as doing a workout or going to the gym? Does anyone have facts? Im starting a healthy eating regime and looking to lose half a stone. Thanks in advance

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3 Responses to “How much calories can you burn on the new “wii fit” game?”

  1. Cham said :

    I heard a lot my doctor told me to use it and it has been toning the arms up LOL
    they also use it in nursing homes now as well!
    who knew a video game system would do that lol

  2. JayRo said :

    i dont think its that worth it, the real thing (exercise) is way better!

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