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Does slimming tablets affect contraceptive injection?

I am thinking of using slimming tablets to lose weight, but do they stop the contraceptive injection from working?

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8 Responses to “Does slimming tablets affect contraceptive injection?”

  1. mavericksfarts said :

    i tried a lot of slimming tablets from different shops and online stores and none of them worked. the best medication i had for losing weight was ‘xenical’ which i got from my doctor. it’s safe to use, has minimal side effects and does what its supposed to. i lost a stone and a half in 6 months without dieting or changing my eating habits. if i had dieted or ate low fat foods i would have lost a lot more. hope this helps.

  2. sokokl said :

    It’s very possible, I would recommend checking with your doctor first before trying to use the pills to see what they say.

  3. µñƒø®gîv£ñ said :

    SLimming tablets do not work. The only way you can lose weight is regulate your diet, exercise an djust lay back. Good luck. Try swimming too 😉

  4. SubJ said :

    Go to doc.

  5. Dr Frank said :

    It would depend on the tablet. They are however unlikely to result in any sustained weight loss. Would that it were that easy!

    2 in 3 fad or pill dieters end up HEAVIER! It seems that the only real hope of success is a modest calorie reduction, accompanied by regular vigorous exercise.

  6. curlynurse69 said :

    no they will not interfere with the injection. because it is taken intra-muscularly and not absorbed by the gut nothing really interfere`s with it. In my experience it is the best contraceptive ever invented

  7. cala s said :

    ask the dr

  8. Colton Mckenzie said :

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