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Do ‘Adios’ or other herbal slimming tablets work?

I have a lot of weight to lose, and I want to lose it reasonably quickly (not dangerously, but at the top end of the advised weight loss range).

I have some mental health problems which prevent me from going out and exercising much.

If I eat a low-fat, low calorie diet, will herbal slimming pills help?

They’re reasonably expensive so I’d like some idea as to whether it’d be a waste of money or a helpful aid to slimming.

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9 Responses to “Do ‘Adios’ or other herbal slimming tablets work?”

  1. that one said:

    You don’t need the pills just focus on your diet and exercise.

  2. qman said:

    Simple answer – no. The only effective way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more. Please don’t waste your money on these products.

  3. [email protected] said:

    They contain
    * Butternut
    * Dandelion Root
    * Boldo
    * Fucus (seaweed)

    Boldo is native to Chile and Peru, the boldo leaves are traditionally used in those countries as a diuretic. This means that it will dehydrate you and may keep some of the vital nutrients found in food from entering your body. This may keep you from getting the vital water, vitamins and minerals your body really needs.

    Dandelion Root is also considered a diuretic. In addition to potassium, dandelion root also contains high levels of sodium and it is widely used as a mild laxative as well. People who are taking medications for diabetes should use dandelion root with caution, as it may intensify the blood sugar lowering effects of those drugs.

    Butternut bark is a mild laxative, and acts on the lower bowel 4 to 8 hours after the herb is taken. So, if you like to poop a lot . . . .

    Fucus is a seaweed and has often been reported to have a direct effect on the metabolism of the human body with the potential for controlling weight and cellulite deposits. It may have some benefits with regards to weight control as it contains Iodine this used to play an important role in the treatment of obesity in the past but these days it is no longer used because of the bad effects on thyroid activity when you stop taking it. Also significant is that since people did not have to learn adequate dietary habits, they generally regained weight after treatment.

    They claim that it does not work very well unless you are on a diet at the same time and are restricting calories.

    The problem with diets and diet pills is that when you stop, it is a matter of time before you gain all the weight back and more. Diets and pills are a temporary solution to a long term problem. If you don’t learn how to make some significant and permanent lifestyle changes, you will be gaining, losing, gaining and losing weight all your life. This will end up creating havoc on your health. Heart disease, diabetes, stroke, Alzheimer’s and cancer are most likely in your future.

    When you lose weight from a diet or a pill, not only could you lose fat but bone and muscle at the same time. In addition to that, you weaken your immune system which leaves you open to being sick more often.

    Some of the other side effects of dieting and diet pills could be:

    * Weight gain.
    * Depression.
    * Food cravings.
    * Feeling tired and listless.
    * Constant hunger.
    * Reduced interest in sex.
    * Chronic fatigue.
    * Hypothyroidism.
    * Hormone imbalance.2100
    * Scaly skin or eczema.
    * Premature wrinkling of the skin.
    * Dandruff or dull, lifeless hair.
    * Mood swings.
    * Chronic yeast infections.
    * Poor immune system- frequent colds or respiratory illnesses.
    * Digestive problems.

    Not a very healthy way to lose weight, is it? Click on the link below about my story (Is Your Scale Broken?) to learn how I lost 40 pounds without dieting and going hungry and kept it off.

    Click on the link below to read about the Healthy for Life program. It teaches people how to develop new healthy lifestyle habits that have a side benefit of permanent weight loss. No more dieting! No more pills and dangerous herbs. It is a sensible plan that combines healthy eating, exercise and nutritional supplements that work. It is all done online so there are no meetings to go to and no embarrassing weigh-ins.

    To get you started, they recommend something called a “Reset” kit. I tried it and lost 5 pounds in 5 days and went on to lose 10 more pounds that month. Click on the other link below to watch three short online movies about how this works and where you can get one.

    I am a certified team leader with the program and I’m qualified to answer any questions you might have. I hope this helps.

  4. *Jan* said:

    i tried them. From personal experience for me they DIDN’T work and made me binge eat too much. They basically made me hungrier than I am normally. I would therefore NOT recommend them at all.

    The best way to lose weight (for you) would be using your stairs for 30 minutes, or running in your house, or purchasing a treadmill, or skipping or then dancing. All these burn calories and can be done indoors and can be fun!

    If your going to eat a low fat, low calorie diet then you DO NOT even need ANY pills because your weight will melt off practically because of your diet. If you have a powerful diet, nothing can mess with it, you WILL LOSE weight. The naturally its done, the better.

    Just choose a good diet plan to work with, and exercise. Make it fun not boring and forget pills they ain’t worth it!

  5. Rhianna said:

    No of course they don’t

    If they really worked, would anyone ever be fat?
    There is only one way to effectively lose weight; a healthy reduced calorie diet and daily vigorous exercise

  6. Joann P said:

    Three steps that have really helped me are dieting, exercising, and the correct weight loss supplement for losing weight. Focus on those three things and you will lose weight considerably. I exercise 30 mins a day along with taking Proactol, a natural weight loss supplement that I saved money on at

    Good luck and stay focused = )

  7. Joelle said:

    Nope! you are throwing your money away best to just exercise and eat healthily xx

  8. Colleen Myking said:

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